Breathe New Life into Your Garden Furniture with Paint

Breathe New Life into Your Garden Furniture with Paint

Looking to spruce up your garden on a budget? Painting your garden furniture can inject new life into your outdoor area.

From weathered benches to faded tables, a bit of paint make them look brand-new.

Selecting the Right Paint

Choose Your Paint Wisely. Opt for exterior paints to withstand the elements. Acrylic latex paint is a favourite for its durability and quick-drying traits.

For metal items, consider rust-resistant spray paints to prevent corrosion.

Colour Choices

Bright colours like sunshine yellow or sky blue add vibrancy, while earthy tones blend seamlessly with the garden environment.

Preparing Your Furniture

First clean your furniture thoroughly/ Make sure all surfaces are free from dirt by washing them with soapy water and letting them dry.

Remove old paint and smooth the surface with sandpaper – medium-grit for wood and finer grit for metal.

Painting Your Furniture

A good primer enhances paint adhesion and colour depth, especially on new or stripped surfaces.

Use brushes or rollers for large areas and smaller brushes for tight spots. If spray-painting, apply multiple light coats to avoid drips.

Maintaining Your Furniture

Seal your painted furniture with a clear polyurethane or varnish to guard against moisture and UV rays.

Wipe your furniture occasionally with a damp cloth to keep it looking pristine.

Ready? Then now take a moment to appreciate your efforts – your garden is now more inviting and stylish! And once the summer season is over, you can always store your garden furniture at Shurgard so it stays dry and clean.

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