7 Easy Ways To Keep Your House Cool

7 Easy Ways To Keep Your House Cool

The heat is on.  Red warnings have been issued this week due to the heatwave – something us brits are not used to! Please follow the guidance to stay out of the sun whenever possible, keep hydrated and avoid unnecessary travel.

If you are stuck at home – here are 7 easy ways to keep your house cool.

1. Windows closed, curtains drawn

During the day it is best to keep your windows closed, curtains drawn and blinds down.

While it might be tempting to crack the windows and get some ‘fresh air’, this won’t work if it is hotter outside than it is in your home.  Keep them shut during the day and close the curtains and blinds to deflect any direct sun rays.  Open internal doors, however, so air can circulate around the space.

Later at night when the temperature drops – open the windows and let the stuffy hot air escape.

2. Use a fan wisely

A fan will instantly help, but leaving it on will cost you a fortune these days!

The best place is to position it opposite a wall; this will bounce the air back into the centre of the room so it can mix with, and cool down, the warmer air.

A top tip is to place a bowl of ice in front of your fan.  This will disperse icy droplets around and give you some welcome relief. The perfect do-it-yourself A/C.

3. Use bowls of water

Bowls of cold water can also be placed in different rooms of your house – this will help to cool the air and lower the internal temperature.

4. Prep meals earlier on in the day

You might not fancy hot food in the heat, but if you need to use the oven do it at the coolest part of the day.  Same rules apply if you are using saucepans – keep a lid on it so no extra hot air escapes!

No need to add additional warm air to an already hot house.

5. Switch off

Limit the lights you turn on, the electrical appliances you use, and avoid washing machines/ tumble dryers where possible.  All of these things generate heat. Exactly what you are trying to avoid!

6. Damp clothes and sheets

Dry wet clothes inside the house. Evaporative cooling – or essentially water evaporating off the clothes – will raise the humidity and cool down the room.

Wearing a damp t-shirt might also help make you feel better too.

7. Take a cold shower

Before bed, a quick cold shower will help to reduce your core body temperature.  Hopefully this will make you comfortable enough to get a decent night’s sleep.   If you are really struggling, try sleeping downstairs.  Hot air rises so the ground floor (if you have one) will be the best place to be.

What are your tips to cool down your house in the hot weather?

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