6 Free Summer Holiday Ideas For Kids

6 Free Summer Holiday Ideas For Kids

There are at least 17 days to go until summer holidays are official over for the kids.  Do you feel like they should be over already?!

If you have run out of ideas – and run out of money – we have found 6 free summer holiday ideas you can try.

1. A Picnic

All kids love a picnic, and this one can be done anywhere. You can do it in a garden, in your local park or a nearby woods.  While the food may cost some money, the venue should be free!!

Pack up sandwiches, crackers, fruit, bread sticks, veggies or cakes – whatever you can find! Roll up some blankets, or towels, and grab their water bottles. You are good to go.

Play a game of eye spy while you set up to keep everyone occupied.

 2. Head to the Museums

London has so many amazing attractions – and a lot of them are free. The Natural History Museum, British Museum, Science Museum or Young V&A are excellent options.  They will give the kids some fantastic places to explore – from meeting a roaring T-Rex to seeing the Egyptian Mummies. Guaranteed you will have fun too!

3. Life’s a Beach

You may think you have to travel abroad to find the perfect beach, but the UK have some fabulous beaches which are well worth the visit, Particularly as the weather stays warm!

Bournemouth is beautiful and you can find the finest sand – comparable to any foreign destination! Other excellent options include Southsea in Portsmouth, Porthmeor Cove in Cornwall and the Gower Peninsula in Wales.

4. Go to the Library

Everyone can join their local library for free – an endless world of imagination to visit!

Most libraries will also offer up the summer reading challenge.  An opportunity for your child to explore new books with the added incentive of prizes and certificates. This is aimed primarily at primary school children – but all ages should get involved and dive deep into a summer of books.

5. Home Mini-golf Course

This game can use any bits and pieces you have around the house. It can also be done outdoors (if you have space) or inside too!

We suggest you collect jam jars, toilet roll holders, yoghurt pots, buckets, saucepans…. anything really! Create a course around your home or garden, with each receptacle for each hole.  Label each hole with pen and paper to make thing super clear.

If you don’t already own a golf club and ball, you can use any bat and ball – or simply roll a spherical object around your course!

6. DIY Home Spa

Relax after all the summer holiday fun with a DIY Home spa.

Make some home-made face masks with spare foods – banana, oatmeal, avocado, honey and natural yoghurt are all fantastic ingredients. The kids will love to mix up the ingredients and spread over their face to create a soothing lotion. Lie back, listen to some relaxing music and re-charge.

Indulge further by painting and filing nails, giving foot/hand/shoulder massages and doing some meditation.  There are lots of options on YouTube to help you relax.

Enjoy some home-made fun!



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