A Shed Load of Space

A Shed Load of Space

The humble garden shed has come a long way over the years. Cobweb-ridden and full of rusty gardening tools, they were historically (and stereotypically) a place only the man of the house would frequent, newspaper in hand, to avoid the mayhem of the house.

Fast forward to the 21st century, and sheds have become much more than an end-of-the-garden hideaway. In London, anyone lucky enough to have one will have most probably converted it to a studio space, giving them a space to work from home from or chill out in.

While un-kept lawns used to fuel neighbourhood arguments, ‘shed envy’ is now a serious issue. Programmes like Channel 4’s ‘Shed of The Year’ have made Brits realise the potential in the rotting pile of wood at the end of their garden, and inspired a nation to build their own piece of paradise.

Here’s a look at some of the most impressive, eccentric, and plain crazy sheds people have built:

Hobbit Chapel

For anyone who’s ever dreamed of living in middle earth, this fairytale looking shed-in-a-hill would involve less travel (and orks). A shed Frodo himself would be proud of and deserves the name ‘Chapel’.


Picture Source: Reader Sheds

The Carpenter’s Shed

Why not create your own bar at the end of the garden? It’ll save you pennies on over-priced pints and an uber home after a few pints at your local boozer. This Carpenter’s Shed must undoubtedly be the predecessor of today’s man cave.


Image Source: Newsshopper

The Palais de Poulets

It’s all in the name, one would think. Not this time!

Not only humans love a suped-up shed. Also known as the “Clucking Hen Palace,” this once dilapidated shed now houses a flock of glamourous chickens.

Eat your heart out Chicken Run!

Palais de poulets

Source: Debra Prinzing

Garden Tower

This elevated shed stands 12ft high at the end of its owner’s garden. By far the most beautiful and regal of the sheds we have seen so far, and the perfect spot to shout “Romeo, Romeo, where for art thou Romeo?”


Source: Debra Prinzing

Fairy Tale Garden Shed

Some exemples of magical sheds straight out of a Hans Christian Andersen fairytale – expecting to find Goldilocks sleeping peacefully in bed. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for those three bears.


Source: www.gardeningaisle.org


Source: www.designsmaz.com


Source: www.designsmaz.com

If you are feeling inspired, why not have a go at getting creative in your own back garden? Once you get going, update us on your progress, and any hints or tips you learn along the way – we expect to see pictures.

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