Book and Project Storage Tips

Book and Project Storage Tips

Each year you collect books, report cards, craft pictures and projects.

Some of those pictures will make it to the fridge – but the rest? They will probably start to clutter your shelves, drawers and worktops.

What you need is a more organised way to sort and store your kid’s school books and projects.

1. Be Realistic

Your kid may be a child-genius Picasso, but it’s not realistic to keep hold of every item.

OK, this might be a harsh way to start – but some stuff will end up in the bin. Sorry. Do this sensitively! It’s an awkward conversation when your little one sees their paintings peeking out of the bin.

2. Frame It

There are certain pieces that make you most proud. A family portrait, or a great report card.

Frame them! Have a few clip frames around the house where you can easily slip in the latest masterpiece. And rotate when a new one takes top spot.

3. Mail It

Share the love! I bet Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles would be delighted to receive one of your child’s creations in the post.

4. Box It Up

Organise all the remaining books and projects into school years. Then stack them away into clear air-tight storage boxes. Label the front so they can easily be identified, then store away.

5. Binders

Ring binders are a brilliant alternative to boxes.

Each book or project will sit in the plastic sleeve to keep it well protected. And you can neatly stack the binders on your bookshelf. Be sure to label the front, so you can pull out and flip through whenever you like.

6. Photo Books

You can create a photobook yourself too.

Scan in the school work, report or picture; alternatively take a snap on your phone. Upload everything to a site like PhotoBox, Snapfish or similar and you can quickly build a neat photo album.

These website also allow you to apply themes and add text which gives your book a professional quality. School books and projects stored – in a lot less space!

7. Self-Storage

Sometimes you just run out of room at home! If boxes are taking over the house, and the bookshelves are full – use a storage unit.

Self-storage units are individual clean and dry rooms, perfect for storing your kid’s school books and projects. Accessible for when you need them, and your home remains clutter-free!

Fill up air-tight storage boxes and stack up in your unit.
Find out more about self-storage

Where do you keep your child’s school books and projects?
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