How to Host the Perfect Garden Party

How to Host the Perfect Garden Party

Yes – it is time for a garden party! The weather is warming up after so much rain, and rules are relaxing so more friends and family can gather outside; now is the time to organise the perfect Garden Party. Looking for top tips? Here’s how to host the perfect summer garden party.

1. Pick a theme

A theme will help unify your party – giving you direction in terms of decoration and food choices;  So what is your style?  If it is tropical – you could go for a Tiki Bar, or it could be as simple as a colour theme which influences the bunting, tablecloths and cocktails!


2. Put up a marquee

As we all know, you can’t depend on the British weather – so even though it is summer, it might not be dry!   A marquee removes the threat of everyone getting wet.

There are plenty of companies that hire out marquees – they will set it up for you, and also rent out tables, chairs and outdoor heaters so can provide all the pieces that you need.

Alternatively you can invest in one if you’re planning to become a serial garden party host.

3. Take a Seat

It is unlikely you will have enough chairs so ask your marquee company, if you are using one, or just ask your guests to bring a camping chair!

Another option is to use floor cushions / beanbags outside as a temporary seating arrangement. Lay out picnic blankets – ontop of plastic sheets on the floor if it is slightly damp – so your guests have a comfy place to rest.

4. Party pieces

Now your guests have somewhere to sit and keep dry.  Now for a drink?  If you don’t think you have enough cups and plates – try to avoid disposable plastic and opt for a more sustainable option.

Palm leaf plates look cool, are very rigid, can be reused – but if you don’t they are compostable.  Look at picnic cups for your beer, wine or soft drink.  They are a cheap alternative, lightweight and can be reused again and again.

5. Lighting

If your party is going to go into the night, then solar powered fairy lights are a great choice – they will come on as the lights fade and create the perfect party ambience.  It might also be good to get some solar powered stake lights if you want to guide guests in and out of the garden.


6. Music

Create playlists in advance so you don’t have to worry about shuffling through songs on the day.  Think about how you might want the mood to shift as the day evolves and use your music to reflect that.  Hook up your device to a bluetooth speaker (make sure it is fully charged, or can be plugged in) and then you will be set for the day.

If you need something with a bit more volume, there are many places that will hire out speakers!

7. Food

First you need to decide if you want to cook-it-yourself, or if you are going to a hire a caterer.

Obviously getting someone in to cater comes with multiple benefits.  No hassle, they will often bring plates/cutlery/glass (and take away the dirties too), plus you can also get servers to dish up the food. Obviously there is an associated cost.

Alternative – sort it yourself.  Fancy a BBQ? Or just finger food?  You can also cheat a little too.  Many supermarkets do ‘food to order’ which are buffet style dishes that you can pre-order!


8. Finishing touches

Food, drink, shelter, music.. tick, tick, tick!  The rest are just finishing touches to make the day extra special. Party games are great fun, something like a giant connect 4, or chess game will get the crowd involved! A bubble machine is also a magical touch for adults and kids a like.

What else do you recommend to get your garden party off to a great start?!

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  1. A fire pit for roasting marshmallows and keeping warm … a record player to get guests to interact and choose music create a cocktail area under gazebo decked out like a Bedouin tent

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