How To Organise Your Shed

How To Organise Your Shed

Everybody needs an organised shed, but since they are commonly small and end up being the dumping ground for unused items, sheds are often chaos!

If you need to get your shed organised, we’ve got some handy tips.

1. Clear out

First – take stock of everything that has made its way into the shed. What do you need? What shouldn’t be there? Get rid/sell anything which doesn’t belong in your shed.

2. Shelving units

Invest in shelving. Having a good storage system is essential, and shelving helps you to maximise your space.

Free standing plastic or metal shelving units are great as they can be adapted to fit the area you need, with adjustable shelves to adapt to the items you need to store.

3. Tool storage

Group commonly used items together so it is easier to find all the pieces you need for a project. And always store appropriately.

Place sharp items like blades or cutters into sturdy boxes before storing – this will keep them safe and avoids any possible risk that you cut yourself when rummaging in a box of ‘stuff’.

Magnetic strips are brilliant as they can be stuck anywhere around the shed (walls, tables) and they can perfectly keep your tools to hand.

Clear plastic boxes with dividers are also useful for keeping control of all the small pieces like screws and nails

4. Hazardous items

If you are storing items like paint, pesticides, and oil in your shed – make sure you do so safely. These items should always be kept in their original packaging so all warnings are clear and there is no possibility of leaks or spills.

5. Use all the space

You can use hooks and pegs on the back of the door to give you the extra storage space too. Use it to hang aprons, gloves, sheets – light items that you will need frequently.

Look up as well! You can use all the space – put hooks in the ceiling and place shelving over the door too.

What are you storing in your shed and how do you keep it organised?
Let us know in the comments below.

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