Living with Flatmates: 5 Ground Rules!

Living with Flatmates: 5 Ground Rules!

Are you thinking about moving in with flatmates? Living with friends, or moving into a house share is a very exciting time!  Living in the same space, however, does have the potential for conflict.  We would advise establishing some ground rules in advance to ensure a harmonious and happy living environment.

Here are our 5 essential ground rules for living with flatmates.

1. what is your schedule?

Have a chat about your rough schedules.  What time do you need to leave in the morning? Will you shower early? What time will you go to bed?  These important details will help you to identify an initial routine which will avoid any issues – like hogging the bathroom when your flatmate needs to use it too!

You must respect each other’s schedules to make a happy living space.

2. Sharing the Chores

First of all – you should always clear up your own mess!! Don’t expect anyone else to do it for you.

You will be sharing many common spaces – particularly the kitchen, dinning room / lounge – so there will always be shared chores to consider too.

The simplest way is to set up a task calendar so everyone is fully aware – and accountable – for what needs to be done. List out main items like hoovering, washing up, taking out the rubbish and cleaning toilets, and give everyone their fair share on rotation.

3. Money Talks

A big area for possible conflict will be the bills.  Discuss with your flatmates about how you will manage this – will you split out the bills between you, or will someone take responsibility?  Whichever way you decide to make it work – make it super clear what % split everyone is accountable for, and when the money needs to be paid by.

A helpful tip here is to set up a central account where everyone pays in a monthly sum.  This can become the main account for all bills, removing the pressure from just one person’s finances.

4. Invited Guests

Respect is a key theme for a happy home.  This includes guest etiquette!

Always let your housemates know if you are inviting someone over for dinner, or an overnight stay.  An extra person in the house means additional noise and is an intrusion in their space too. Flag it as far in advance as possible so they can be prepared, or choose to go out.

Good guest etiquette also includes cleaning up after your guest, and making sure they behave in a respectful manner.

Communication is essential here to avoid any uncomfortable situations.

5. Respect the Space

The final ground rule is to respect everyone’s space!  You do live together and share many areas, but you will need to respect their privacy.  Do not enter each other’s rooms without prior consent – particularly when they are not around.

This also applies to other people’s stuff. It is always best to ask first! Never assume anything.

Establishing these basic ground rules first will make sure you avoid any nasty bumps in the first few months! As time goes by, however, you will establish a natural rhythm and unspoken code with your flatmates.  This will make it much easier to live happily and harmoniously.

What other top tips do you have for moving in with flatmates?


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