Platinum Jubilee Party Ideas

Platinum Jubilee Party Ideas

The next Bank Holiday is nearly upon us. It is going to be a good one! A full 4 days to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee with friends and family. Street party or garden party – here’s some great ideas to make it a right royal knees-up!

Perfect Prep

Have you sent out the invites?  Time to make a list of all the people coming and sort out the logistics. This includes the simple basics like having enough plates, cutlery, cups (ask people to bring their own if you don’t) through to sorting out your space.  Where will people sit during the day, and will people stay over?

It is a good idea to de-clutter in advance so you have the room for everyone. Shift out some bulky items into storage so you can set up a few more chairs or tables inside or out.  Clear out the spare room so you make-up a bed for an overnight guest!  Giving yourself some extra space will make the day go much more smoothly.

Meals and Drinks

Will you cater for your guests, or ask people to bring something to share?  If you are catering – plan in advance how much you need and factor in any allergies or dietary preferences.   Keep it simple so you can enjoy the day too. Finger sandwiches are the perfect option for a royal tea party – cheese and cucumber, tuna and coronation chicken (of course!).

Don’t be afraid, however, to ask people to bring a dish.  Most people love the opportunity to contribute and share some of their favourite food.

Drinks are expensive; telling people to bring their own makes sure they have what they want – and you have enough.


I love bunting for any party – but it is the perfect accessory for a jubilee bash! It has got to be red, white and blue of course. You can buy some pre-made from the shops, or online.  We recommend doing-it-yourself. Get the family involved and decorate white squares with your own special royal pictures, or tie the right coloured fabric onto a long piece of string.

Wrap it along bannisters, curtain rails or outside between the trees!

Red, white and blue all-over

Spread the theme across all your decorations. Red, white and blue balloons, table cloths, cup cake wrappers and even your clothing. Time to get our your Ginger Spice flag dress!

Shop for them now – the closer you get to the Jubilee they might run out.

Party Playlist

Set up a playlist in advance so you don’t need to think about it during the day.  Pick some favourites that you know will get your guests dancing, as well as some thematic anthems like Land of Hope and Glory, Rule Britannia and God Save the Queen!

What Platinum Jubilee Party are you organising? Let us know your top tips in the comments below!

  1. Play area just for the little ones play house decorations red white and blue of course!!!! Splash pool … sweet and drinks trolly…and once guest arrive they get introduced to the logistics sandwiched and high tea served in house … hot dogs and burgers with salad and relish in the shed…. Stake and bbq back kitchen … drinks/ music areas…. Then I politely tell them they now know we’re everything is for them to have a good time and help themselves… knock ya sen out guys … god save the queen…. It’s also our 4 wedding anniversary…

  2. We are having a street party to celebrate with all our family, friends and neighbours. I have made bunting, recycled three tshirts to create a union flag top, knitted some red, white and blue poppies for our straws and my sister has crocheted roundel coasters. We have bought flags for waving and a big one to hang off the lamp post.Our street will look amazing! Make as much as you can in advance and have fun doing it!

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