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Traditional furniture storage vs. Self-storage at Shurgard - what's the difference?

Traditional furniture storage

We all know how traditional furniture storage works:

  • The removal company stacks your boxes and furniture into a sealed container.
  • You have no access to your belongings. In order to access your belongings, you have to call the mover and make an appointment. This may result in additional costs.
  • You are bound by a fixed-term contract.


If you do not need access to your belongings, traditional furniture storage might be a suitable option.

Self-storage at Shurgard

With self-storage, you are in control of your belongings:

  • You store your belongings inside your own individual storage unit.
  • You have free access to your storage unit 7 days a week.
  • You decide how much space to rent depending on your needs and you can switch to a smaller or larger unit as your needs change.
  • You can change the duration of the rental.


Self-storage offers more flexibility, is secure and easy to use.

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