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✓ First month's rent 1€ * ✓ Free reservation & cancellation ✓ No deposit
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Self-storage at Shurgard Lille - Wasquehal
Storage units from €1 for the first month's rent. No minimum stay.
  • Extended access hours
  • CCTV surveillance and personal access code
  • Own lock and key to your unit
  • No minimum rental period
  • No deposit

Storage units for rent at Shurgard Lille-Wasquehal

Our Lille-Wasquehal storage centre is located in a pleasant green area. The centre offers ground-floor storage units only, ensuring maximum accessibility to your unit.

  • 661 individual walk-in storage units.
  • Lockers for storing a small number of moving boxes.
  • Storage units with direct access so you can park your vehicle immediately in front of the entrance.
  • 2 direct interior access routes, easily accessible to semi-trailers.
  • Free trolleys.
  • 8 parking spaces for our customers and visitors.

Directions to the storage centre:

  • Shurgard Lille-Wasquehal is near the Carrefour supermarket and the Peugeot garage.
  • Take the exit Centre Commercial Carrefour Wasquehal on the A22 motorway Roubaix/Tourcoing.
  • Accessible via tramway and metro – Shurgard is a 10-minute walk.

Large variety of storage units on the ground floor

Shurgard Lille-Wasquehal offers self-storage solutions for people living in Wasquehal, as well as for the Tourcoing, Roubaix and Croix region. Regardless of your storage needs, Shurgard will always help you find a professional solution.

Easy access to your storage unit

Do you have cumbersome items and don’t feel like loading your boxes into a lift? All our storage units are situated on the ground floor.

To make loading and unloading easier, our storage location has two direct access routes for vehicles, leading to the interior of the building.

At Shurgard Lille-Wasquehal, you can choose a unit with direct access. This means you can park your car immediately in front of the door of your storage unit. The ideal solution for professionals!

Any questions? Come and see us at Shurgard Lille-Wasquehal

During the reception’s opening hours, the on-site manager is available to advise you and answer any questions you have.

Use our storage size calculator to see how much space you're likely to need. Choose the right-sized unit that matches your needs and reserve it online!

Questions & answers

  • Try our storage finder or our size calculator to figure out what size you need. Or call one of our storage experts on 0800 94 0766 and they’ll help you figure out the right unit size for you.

  • Lockers are smaller storage units, at about 1 metre high and range in surface area from 0.5 to 1.5 m². Lockers are ideal for storing a few moving boxes, suitcases or your spare tyres.

  • Our size calculator  is an easy tool to figure out how much space you need to store your archives. Or call one of our storage experts at Lillle - Wasquehal on 03 20 98 88 27 and we'll help you figure out the right storage size.

  • Below are the extra costs you may need to pay:

    • One-off admin fee of 15 €: this amount is only applicable when you sign your first contract with us. Returning customers do not need to pay this fee.
    • Goods coverage: for your own protection, you’ll need to get goods coverage for your belongings that you store with us. You can opt for a customised goods coverage policy starting at 15 € per month.
    • Lock: to guarantee no one else can access your storage unit, you will need a lock designed to fit a Shurgard storage unit at 14,95 €. You can re-use this lock when you rent another storage unit at any Shurgard facility.

  • You are the only person who can access your storage unit. You may also authorise someone else to access your unit on your behalf.

  • At Shurgard we take security seriously. All our self-storage facilities have:

    • strategically placed digital CCTV cameras
    • alarms monitored by an external security team
    • sensor lighting
    • perimeter fencing
    • PIN coded electronic gates
    • individual storage units with specifically designed secure locks

  • You can rent your storage unit for as short as one week. Just inform our staff about your planned move out date when you sign your contract.

  • No, you only start paying when you sign your rental contract.

  • No, unlike other self-storage providers, Shurgard never asks for a deposit when you rent a storage unit with us.

  • Simply select one of the storage units at Shurgard Lille - Wasquehal above to make a reservation. We only need your name, e-mail and telephone number. Alternatively call our staff at Shurgard Lille - Wasquehal on 03 20 98 88 27 and we’ll be happy to help you.

  • Yes, of course. You’d need to provide our staff a letter of proxy from your parents or friend and their bank account details to set up the Direct Debit plan.

  • Yes, we sell a wide range of moving boxes and packing materials, such as bubble wrap, tape and protection covers in our Lillle - Wasquehal store.

  • Take the exit Centre Commercial Carrefour Wasquehal on the A22 motorway Roubaix/Tourcoing.

  • Yes, Shurgard Lille - Wasquehal is just a 10-minute walk via tramway and metro.

Storage unit access hours

  • Mon 6.00-23.00
  • Tue 6.00-23.00
  • Wed 6.00-23.00
  • Thu 6.00-23.00
  • Fri 6.00-23.00
  • Sat 6.00-23.00
  • Sun 6.00-23.00

Office opening hours

  • Mon 9.30-19.00
  • Tue 9.30-19.00
  • Wed 9.30-19.00
  • Thu 9.30-19.00
  • Fri 9.30-19.00
  • Sat 9.00-18.30
  • Sun Closed
  • Exceptions
  • 15/08/2022 Closed

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Customer reviews

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(4.7) based on 515 reviews
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Très bonne idée pour ranger ses affaires quand on n a plus de place chez soi
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Très bonne idée pour ranger ses affaires quand on n a plus de place chez soi
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Seamless booking and storage. Very well kept at good rates too. The staff are super helpful, courteous and can help you in English as well if french is not your first language.

Overall, well recommended place!
* Promotion conditions.
Actual unit sizes (namely height) may vary from approximate size estimate. Please inspect any unit before renting.