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Safe and secure self-storage

At Shurgard we take security seriously.

Surveillance and protection

All our locations have:

  • strategically placed digital CCTV cameras
  • alarms monitored by an external security team
  • sensor lighting
  • perimeter fencing
  • PIN coded electronic gates
  • individual storage units with specifically designed secure locks

Strictly controlled access

An individual PIN code gives you access to a Shurgard facility and the area where your storage unit is. No one else can come into this area unless they’ve got a unit there too.

PIN code entry

Your own lock and key

You alone have the key to your locked unit. Even our staff don’t have a key. When you become a customer you can purchase a new, sealed lock from Shurgard. You can re-use it the next time you use a Shurgard storage unit. It’s designed to be more secure than a normal lock.

Read more about lock for your storage unit.

Only you have the key to your storage unit

Staff on site

We have highly trained staff at all our locations who can spot and react to any suspicious behaviour.

Shurgard staff on site

Reassurance and professionalism

We regularly review and improve our security measures. And as a member of the European Self-Storage Association, we work closely with the police, fire brigade, and other authorities to make sure our locations meet security regulations. 

Camera suiveillance

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