8 Plastic Free Xmas Gift Ideas

8 Plastic Free Xmas Gift Ideas

If you are striving for a more eco-friendly Christmas this year – plastic free gift shopping is a must.  There are some great alternatives to the usual plastic toys or presents, but also consider the packaging too.  Try to buy instore to avoid the additional packaging and transportation, plus aim for gifts that can be re-used and last for a while. Here are our suggestions:

1. Audible Subscription

Audio books are a lovely gift which can be enjoyed again and again without having to give any ‘stuff’.  It is a very thoughtful present, that still allows the recipient to choose the books they want to listen to.

2. Events and Experiences

Similar to audiobooks, this is a ‘no-stuff’ present that goes a long way.  You could opt for theater tickets, a restaurant date or even tickets to Euro Disney! Whatever you choose – the memory will definitely last for a long time.

3. Re-usable cups and Lunchboxes

Try to reduce daily coffee cup waste by gifting a re-usable cup.  These come in all sorts of cool designs and sizes – and most coffee shops will fill it up, plus some will even give you a discount as an incentive to use your own.

Similarly, avoid throw-away plastic by using bamboo lunchboxes or metal tiffin tins.

4. Wine

Wine is a always appreciated, and while the wine itself won’t be re-used –  the wine bottle could be.  You can use it as a candle holder, or fill it with lights as an ornament or use it as a vase.

There is also some great English wine around too, so you can always opt for something locally produced as well.

5. Wooden Toys

Most kids toys are made out of plastic, so it can be quite hard to avoid this when you are shopping for children.  A great alternative is to go for  products made from sustainably sourced wood. These toys are durable, but are more easily recycled when needed.

7. Candles

There are many eco-friendly, Vegan candle brands – but how about making your own? Recycle jars and fill with organic soy wax, essential oils and organic cotton yarn. An environmentally friendly present that can be given a personal touch.

8. Plants

Nothing says sustainability more than a plant! You can gift house plants, or outdoor trees and shrubs which will continue to give pleasure year after year.

Which plastic free gift are you going to give this year?

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