3 DIY Projects For The Bank Holiday

3 DIY Projects For The Bank Holiday

May has arrived, and the Bank Holiday weekend has come with it! What do you want to do with the long weekend? Here are 3 perfect DIY projects for the bank holiday weekend,

Upcycle furniture

Do you have furniture that needs a new lease of life? There is so much you can do with paint or stickers.  Assess the furniture  you have and see what you can design.   Chalk paint or sanding can make a massive difference to a chair or table! The first step is to clean it with sugar soap and leave it to dry, then you can take a cloth or white spirit to remove all the dust and leave the perfect surface for sanding and painting.

An oil based paint is more hardwearing and durable so you can use it on most surfaces.  However it can take longer to dry.  Acrylic or water based paints are easy to apply and have fewer stronger chemicals – you just need to add a few more layers.

Paint a feature

Have you been thinking about a feature wall? Maybe this weekend is the time to commit!

It really is very simple. Select the prominent wall you want to colour and go for your ideal choice.  Don’t feel you have to shy away from bold colours – a single wall can take it.  The feature wall is the space where your eye is drawn so go for something you can unify with other décor elements.

You don’t have to go for a single colour either – chevrons or stripes can make a nice impact too.  Think about the picture and other artwork you have at home to bring everything together.

Plant some seeds!

As the sun starts to shine (finally) and the air becomes warmer we all start to think about our outside spaces.  We need to invest to ensure we have a beautiful garden area to enjoy in the next few months.

Now is the time to put out sunflower, poppy and wildflower seeds. They will enjoy the sunshine and warmer air and will look glorious in a few month’s time.

In the veg plot go for things like Broad Beans, Runner Bens, Peas, Onions, Garlic, Carrots and salad leaves.

Bank Holiday weekends can be filled with jobs – but make sure you find time to enjoy the extra day off work too!

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