Simple Paint Tricks to Expand Your Room

Simple Paint Tricks to Expand Your Room

Did you know there are simple ways to visually enlarge a small room?
Let’s explain how a stroke of paint can transform your room and create a cosy atmosphere.

Opt for Light Paint

You can visually enlarge a room by painting the walls in bright, light colours such as white, light blue, or light green. Use different tones of the same colour to complete the expansive effect.

Add Colour Accents

A striking accent works wonders for the perception of space. Bold colours can work wonders even in larger rooms. Consider painting a small section of the room in a warmer or darker shade to create extra volume.

Experiment with a Mix of Colours

If you want to make a room look taller, use light colours for the ceiling and dark colours for the walls.

If, on the other hand, you want the room to look wider, paint the side walls in a fresh, bright colour and the shortest wall in a darker shade.

Flat Paint vs. Glossy Paint Colours

The type of paint also plays a role. Flat paint doesn’t reflect light and can make a room look smaller. Glossy paint creates a mirrored effect, adds depth to the space, and enlarges the room.

Consider the Ceiling and Baseboards

By painting your ceiling and baseboards white, the walls appear higher. You can further optically raise your walls by painting the top ten centimetres of the wall white.

This extra strip makes the ceiling look higher, and the room, more spacious. If you go for a dark colour for the ceiling, it will appear lower.

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