5 Awesome DIY Tips for the Garden

5 Awesome DIY Tips for the Garden

Need some DIY ideas to improve your garden?
We have 5 awesome ideas that will boost your garden using items you can find around the house!

Plastic forks to Protect your Plants

If you have plastic forks that you want to re-use – we have the perfect hack!  ‘Planting’ them in the garden will keep small animals at bay – place them near to new plants that are bedding in, or your favs that are usually delicious to cats or squirrels.

Putting plastic cutlery nearby will make the ideal deterrent – no small animal will want to nibble your plants if they have to lie over a plastic fork!

DIY Weed Killer

Natural household products are also effective at killing weeds too. Vinegar is the perfect choice – the acetic acid has the power to kill weeds. However, do use with caution – Vinegar is nonselective so only spray on areas you want to eliminate.

And always choose a sunny day so there is no risk that the rain will wash off and run into the soil and damage neighbouring grass too.

Sponges for Planters

Save up your old dishwashing sponges and use them for your potted plants.

Cut them up and place into the bottom of your planters, below your soil. The sponge acts as the perfect water reserve and keeps the soil nice and moist.  A brilliant re-use of your household items!

Smashed Eggshells into the Soil

Don’t throw away your eggs after your morning omelette. A great re-use of eggshells is to smash them up and mix into your soil. The eggshells will decompose and introduces a much needed boost of calcium into the soil – allowing plants to thrive.

Eggshells in the garden are also effective at reducing crawling pets like slugs and snails – which may attack your plants; so, they make the perfect natural pest repellent too!

Wine Bottle Watering

If you need an easy way to water your garden – or are a little bit forgetful – this is a great tip!

Fill up a wine or beer bottle with water, tip it upside down and quickly jam into the soil of your plant pot. The water will slowly transfer into the plater – keeping them nice and most.

Have you got any other amazing ideas that will help around the garden? Let us know in the comments below!

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