5 Tips For An Eco-Friendly Clean Home

5 Tips For An Eco-Friendly Clean Home

A New Year is an excellent time to get into fresh habits.  The Christmas decorations have (begrudgingly) been stowed away, and the house needs a deep clean to kick start the new year.  Start it right by using sustainable, eco-friendly options.  Harsh chemicals can damage bodies, water, air and our ecosystem – so replace these with planet-friendly products, that are kinder to you too!

Here are our 5 tips to clean the home in an eco-friendly way

1. Use Natural Cleaning

There are many natural products which are hugely effective. Bicarbonate of Soda is a good all-rounder. Sprinkle onto mattresses or carpets to deodorise; alternatively mix it with water to create a paste which can be buffed onto stainless steel to make your appliances shine.

White vinegar mixed with water and lemon is also excellent when combined together in a spray bottle. Use it as an all-purpose cleaner to cut through grease and mould (although avoid natural stone with this one!)

2. Eco-friendly Cleaning Products

If you are not comfortable making your own cleaning products, try an eco-friendly option on the market. They do work! Brands to look out for include Ecover and Method, and are available in most supermarkets. They cover household cleaning, to laundry and personal care.

Try to minimise your plastic waste by buying in bulk or bring your own containers and fill up at a local zero waste refill shop.

3. From Rags To Cloths

Turn unused clothes into your new cleaning cloths! Simply cut up old t-shirts or tops into little squares that you can use to wipe your house – or use an old pair of socks as a dusting glove. Free and much better for the environment than the single-use ones!

If you can’t make your own cloths – then it is always best to go for re-usable rags or Tree-Free (e.g Bamboo) paper towels

4. Air Fresheners The Natural Way

Soy scented candles or melts are a lovely way to bring great scents to the home.  The most effective way, however, is to open up the windows and let that stuffy air out! Doing this for a short while each day lets the clean air circulate, releases the pollutants and is the perfect eco-friendly air freshener.

5.  Be Efficient With Your Cleaning

Don’t waste water, products or your time with inefficient cleaning! This includes taking a methodical approach to a room – so work your way from top to bottom, and wall to wall so you don’t end up cleaning the same area twice. Mix up a cleaning solution which can be used for most items, and use it all up before you finish.

Take the same approach when washing clothes – always select the right load size if that is an option, and wait for the dishwasher to be full before you run it.  Leave clothes and dishes to air dry wherever possible too.

How do you clean your home in an efficient and green way?  Let us know any tricks and trips in the comments.

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