Organising Your Cleaning Essentials with Ease

Organising Your Cleaning Essentials with Ease

A New Year often compels us to give our homes a deep clean. There’s something that make sense about starting a fresh year, with a fresh scent in the house.

But how about organising your cleaning products?

Make sure they get some attention too; getting your cleaning products neat, tidy, and ready for use will help make regular cleaning a breeze.

Here’s how to organise your cleaning products:

1. Choose your space

Where will you keep your products?

The most common place is under the sink or in a utility room as it is handy and accessible; it is also worthwhile keeping dedicated bathroom products in your toilets too as it will make it much easier to give them a daily clean.

Important! Please remember if you have children in the house to add a lock, or a child-proof mechanism to the door; cleaning products are poisonous so keep those little hands out.

2. Organise the space

A messy cleaning cupboard will not inspire you to be clean.

Find a multi-use storage rack that can fit in your chosen location – it will give you more space to store all your products in an organised way.

It is also a great idea to add hooks to a cupboard door – this will give you some extra space to hang up items, maximising the area you can use.

Top Tip! When you pack everything away, place less used items at the back, and put regular items at the front.

This makes so much sense when you are trying to access what you need.

3. Check the bottles

And before you start pushing all bottles back in again – check them first.

Cleaning products do expire so look at the best before dates and safely get rid of any cleaning liquids that are out-of-date.

Also remember to throw away any empties that have also been pushed back in a hurry, and if you have multiple bottles of the same item, you can combine them into one container to free up space.

4. Keep ’em clean

Different cloths should be used for different jobs – dusters, kitchen or bathroom cloths and sponges.

Get a colour scheme so you can instantly recognise which cloth is used for which job.

Always clean cloths before you put them back in the cupboard – wash them at a minimum of 60˚ to get rid of nasties; they will be germ-free and ready for the next clean.

5. Ready-to-use Caddy

If you have the space, it is a great idea to place items you use together in to a separate caddy.

Keep one for cleaning the kitchen, windows or stain removals – whatever  it is, you will just need to grab one basket for the task.

How do you keep your cleaning cupboards clean?

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