6 Top Home Decluttering Ideas

6 Top Home Decluttering Ideas

The dark afternoons and cold weather means we are spending more time indoors right now.  You are probably paying more attention to the inside of your house and what goes where… or perhaps, what is lying around without a place to go!

As we start to prepare for the impending Xmas season, decorating and entertaining – now is the perfect time to give your home a declutter.

Here are 6 top home decluttering ideas.

Start Small

Decluttering can feel overwhelming and you may have no idea where to start.  Remember this. There is no bad place to start – every clean up will help towards the bigger clear out.  So, find a small project to start with. That could be one drawer or cupboard that you tackle first.

You will fill inspired when you complete your first task – and compelled to carry on!

Clutter-free Counter Tops

Kitchen tables, countertops or sideboards are clutter magnets.

An inviting space to drop all types of items after school or work.  Tackle your counter tops by clearing everything off and place in one big pile. Go through each item – find it a home, throw it or recycle.

Paperwork is a main culprit here, so shred anything you no longer require, and at the same time switch your accounts to paper-less so you can reduce this issue going forward.

For everything else – find it a home. Only keep the most used appliances on the counter and store everything else away. Unless you don’t use it – then donate it!

Track What You Use

If you are unsure what books, DVDs or clothes you really still need, then use this clever trick.

When you use it – return it the wrong way round (turn the book, or twist round the hanger).  After a few months you will have a clear visual idea of what you are using.

Set yourself a good time frame (6 months – 1 year) and if the item still hasn’t been used after this time – you need to get ruthless and donate it so someone else can enjoy it instead.

Ditch the Cables

Do you keep every cable ‘just in case’. Well, maybe you shouldn’t. Cables for old devices are unlikely to be used again, and are guilty of getting tangled and taking over cupboards and drawers. Take some time to identify each cable and group together everything you no longer use.

Cables are electrical waste, so do not put in the bin – but take to your local recycling centre so they can be re-used.  You can also check local charity shops or retail stores which may also take old cables.

One in One out

If you buy something new, think about what you want to replace it with – this should keep the clutter equation balanced and stop your from accumulating more stuff than you need.

Have a dedicated box where you place items you don’t like, need or use.  If you you don’t like it then you can take it to a charity shop.

If it is something that you like but just don’t currently use (for example, something out of season) – you can move it to a storage unit to free up some space in your house – without having to let go of it forever.

Use up all empty space

Make the most of all space available to you at home. That could be storage space up high, above cupboards and doors and under beds or chairs.

It could also be doubling up the usefulness of items – for example, your suitcases make the perfect storage containers. A quick win is to clear all out-of season clothing from your wardrobe and pack them into your luggage.  This will free-up space in your wardrobe (until you switch over as the season changes).

If you run out of space at home you can look to storage outside of the house too.

Storage centres are the perfect option here – you can clear out your living space without having to let go of everything.

Storage units at Shurgard are clean, dry and secure – a great place to keep your belongings safely out of the way.

What top tips do you have to de-clutter your home?

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