A New Year, Time To Reset The Home

A New Year, Time To Reset The Home

Happy New Year to you! The turn of a new year is full of promise and positive intentions, with many of us setting out resolutions for the year ahead.  Healthy bodies, minds and hearts.  But don’t forget the house too! A home reset is the perfect way to set the right foundations.

Here are 4 simple ways you can refresh your living space.

1. Check the expiration dates

Cupboards and fridges have been stocked with festive food, pushing many items right to the back.  Go through your kitchen and pull out every tin, packet and box and check the dates.  Throw out anything that has past it’s expiration date and keep items that are close to the use-by-date at the front. Now would be a good time to meal plan for the week ahead, and incorporate those ingredients which will soon go off.

The same principle can be applied to other items like make-up and creams. We recommend a check on these bits too.

2. Donate, store or throw

Assess your living space and bedrooms.  Which clothes do you no longer wear? Or books and games that are no longer used?  Group all these items into 3 piles – donate, store or throw.

Anything that can be re-used, take to your local charity shop so it can be given a new lease of life.  Items that you still love  – but needs a temporary home while you de-clutter – take to a storage facility.  For anything else, assess which parts can be recycled and take to your local rubbish and recycle centre.

3. Re-organise your most used items

Many of us start a new routine in the New Year, so this is a great time to organise your house to support your new resolution.

This might be clearing out a drawer to keep all your fitness gear in one place. Or setting up a box of herbal teas to support your New Year detox.  From new skincare routines, to more active lifestyles – whatever you have committed to this year – make sure you have easy access to the items you need to stick to it!

4. Fresh beds

Start the New Year with a fresh set of bedding. Who doesn’t love slipping into nice clean sheets at bedtime!

Strip all the beds and sprinkle bicarbonate of soda onto the mattress to help remove any odours.  Leave on for about an hour and then simply vacuum off. Then you can put on a fresh set of sheets, duvet covers and pillow cases. Bliss!

Now is also a great time to review all your bedding items.  How many sets do you have – and have any passed their best with stains and holes?  Many of us keep hold of bedding when we buy a new set ‘just in case’.  They can, however, be re-purposed!  Cut up into cleaning rags, or use as table protectors for art and craft projects.  Local animal shelter also welcome used sheets so this could be an option too.


How do you reset for the New Year?  Let us know in the comments below.








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