How To Streamline Your Home

How To Streamline Your Home

Do you have stacks of stuff in different corners of the room?  Excess bits and pieces can quickly accumulate and take over your house. Take action! We have some simple tips to streamline your home this spring.

Clear Clutter Hotspots

Hallways and porches are stuffed with items from different seasons – winter coats, hats, scarves and shoes.  Now is the time to clear away those winter woollies ’till next year – only keeping to hand outdoor wear you will use over the coming months.

Make sure everything is clean and dry first, and then fill up a storage box with these out of season items and stack away into cupboards or lofts.  If you don’t have storage space at home, visit your local self-storage facility to keep these items out of the way until next year.  The result is a clutter-free hallway which is much easier to use.

Kitchen Clear Out

Your kitchen crockery should fit away neatly in your cupboards.  Anything surplus – you do not need to keep! Donate it or sell it – and remember if you buy any new items stick to a rule of ‘one in, one out’.  Do not stack up unused plates just in case!

Check through all your cupboard items too – anything that is out of date or broken should be disposed of.

Bathroom Blitz

Apply a similar approach to your bathroom too! Only keep on show the items that are currently in use and get rid of out-of-date or unused products.

Decorative storage boxes are great for bathrooms as they can become a dedicated space for your bits and pieces.  Giving everything a specific home will make sure you avoid random clutter.

Invest in some storage ladders too. These look very chic and are a great space to store towels and other bathroom items.

Home Office Refresh

Most of us have a home office these days; make sure your work materials don’t take over day-to-day life.  Have a good system in place, with storage folders and shelves that can easily contain your office papers.

A good tip is to have a drawer where you can put a laptop and notebooks – hide it out of view when your working day is done.

Make It A Habit

The best advice we can give you to effectively streamline your home is to make it a habit! Little and often is the optimum route to take.

At the end of the night, fold away blankets, plump your cushions and put remotes into a dedicated tray.  Clear away cups when they are finished and switch on the dishwasher before you retire for the night.  Get everyone in the house involved – keeping on top of clutter is the only way forward.

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