5 Home Office De-cluttering Tips

5 Home Office De-cluttering Tips

The busier you are the more cluttered your office space becomes.  You just don’t have time to tidy up – right? Wrong. The simple solution to combat office clutter is smart storage. Storage that is so clever that you don’t have to think about putting things away.

Follow these 5 home office de-cluttering tips to have a clear work space.

1. Start from scratch

Achieve a streamlined starting point by going through all the paper and clutter on your desk.

What is rubbish? Notes and scraps of paper that you no longer need should go straight into the recycling bin!

What do you want to keep, but don’t need everyday?  Scan these in and upload to your computer or storage cloud. There are numerous scanner apps now which will allow you to do this really easily – and even directly on your phone. Go paperless going forward and use a digital notepad app – like OneNote, Apple Notes or Goggle Keep.

For any pieces that you need to keep as physical copies – create archive boxes that can be stored around the house, or in a storage unit.

For all day-to-day papers that remain, have a dedicated tray for everything. Create a ‘to-do’, ‘work-in-progress’ and a finished” section so you can organise based on their status.

2. Organise by practicality

If you are constantly routing around for things, then you will be prone to a cluttered desk.  Have all pens in a pot within reaching distance.  Keep any other stationary items in a box in a top drawer.

Use a shelf for files and folders, so you can quickly scan and reach for the one you need. We also recommend putting your printer and a box of paper under your desk, as this will save space on your desktop – but it will be kept close by.

3. Hide the Wires

Wires are a big culprit for clutter! Even a well organised desk will look scrambled with wires everywhere.

If you are happy with your office set-up, then get hiding those wires. Stretch them out, untangle them – and then get to work taming them! Tape them to your furniture, run them under carpets and feed them through tubing to keep them under control.

A pro-tip is to label your wires and plugs.  This will make it super easy to work out what you need to plug/unplug.

4. Decorate it

Ok, this might seem a weird one! A happy office space, however, is most likely to be kept looking good.  So add some pictures, a decent lamp and a few personal touches.

Decorative storage is also essential here. Use pin or peg boards on your walls for loose items, and stack up attractive boxes that can keep surplus items, like spare ink cartridges and office supplies.

If you have a lot of stock, a self-storage unit would be beneficial – a separate storage room where you can keep everything you need, out of the way!

5. Get into the habit

The main key to keeping an office clutter-free is habit! Get into the habit of setting out and tidying up each day. This should only take 5 minutes, so do not consider it as too much to do. It will save you time in the long run.

At the start of your day, set up your workspace and make sure you only have the essentials for your day to hand. When your working day is done, have a 5 minute clear up.  Look around – discard any rubbish and take out any coffee cups and plates to the kitchen. Finally pop your pens back in their pots and file your pieces of paper in their relevant tray!

The benefits of a decluttered office are many – including increased productivity and a streamlined work flow.  Let us know how you keep on top of your home office clutter?


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