Boost Your Remote Work Efficiency in 10 Steps

Boost Your Remote Work Efficiency in 10 Steps

Working from home sounds like the dream right? Waking up when you want, setting your own schedule, working in your PJs from bed, the perks are definitely palatable.

But it can be easy to become your own worst enemy when there’s no-one around to keep you on track. Take a look at these tips on how to stay productive and get the most from working at home.

Working 9-5

Set working hours, ensuring you take a lunch break where you leave the house, or if not possible, at least your work space. End your day at a pre-arranged time too.

It’s important to switch off and have down time.

Early riser or night owl?

Some people wake early feeling super productive, others love a late-night coffee-fuelled session. Figure out when you’re most productive and set your work ‘day’ around this.

Ensure you keep to your routine, no matter what time you start and clock off.

Play DJ

From chilled vibes, keeping you calm, to upbeat and invigorating tracks that motivate you to meet that deadline, music can seriously affect productivity at work.

Make a couple of playlists to suit different moods, and have a radio within reach for when you need background noise that’s not distracting.

Don’t be in the dark

Ideally you’ll work from a space with natural light, but if not play around with different types, intensities and tones of lighting.

Ceiling lights can be too dim, so investing in a nice big lamp may be a good idea. Depending on the space, consider having multiple light fixtures to set a changeable and comfortable mood throughout the day.

Be unsocial

An innocent glance at Facebook quickly leads to an hour wasted on social media. Impose a workday ban (except at lunch of course) to stop the habit before it forms.

Remove all icons from your toolbar and turn off phone notifications so you aren’t being bombarded from multiple devices.

Don’t trip up

Tidy up your wires. Millions of tangled lines everywhere are only going to cause stress, and it looks awful. Make it easy to plug and unplug devices, and clip wires together to reduce the mess.

Turn off the tech

Don’t have a telly in the room. The temptation to reach for the remote will be too much and you’ll easily waste an hour absorbed in A Place in the Sun, dreaming of warm summer evenings and dinner on the patio…

In the same vein, if you’re a sucker for an online shop, ad-blockers will stop anything tempting popping up next to your inbox. Your productivity will increase and wallet will thank you for it!

Colour me creative

Some colours evoke feelings of peace and relaxation (blues and violets) while others energise and stimulate us (red, yellow or purple).

We are said to feel most comfortable around green, as it promotes thoughts of nature which aids concentration.

Green, along with white, ivory or grey tones are all a safe bet if you’re unsure on which colours to surround yourself with.

Tidy home, tidy mind

A cliché, but absolutely true. How can you concentrate with STUFF everywhere? Get organised. Start by clearing your workspace of any junk you don’t need.

Bulky items, furniture, desk clutter can all go into self-storage to create more space. Buy a desk tidy, file papers away, and avoid drawers – they’ll only collect junk.

Separate work and play

This one applies to everything. If possible don’t use your personal computer for work, you’ll only end up checking emails, distracted by life admin.

Set boundaries for your spouse, kids and pet (if possible) to keep them out of the way when working. Let them know you need space, but ensure you pop in and see them during your breaks.

Do you have any tips for creating a productive and peaceful work space at home? Tried anything different that has really helped you focus from home? Share your experiences below.

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