Navigating the Winter Blues

Navigating the Winter Blues

The festive season has wound down to an end. The fun fuelled weeks with friends and family polishing off stocking fillers, munching on leftovers and spending far too much time watching Christmas TV are over.

It’s officially January, you’re back to work, the house is a state and you’re feeling down in the dumps.

The New Year, despite feeling like a Christmas hangover – is the perfect time to get inspired and ready to make the most out of the year ahead and sometimes it’s the simple things that make the biggest difference.

Here at Shurgard, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite ways to beat the blues.

1. Go clutter free

One of the most effective ways of boosting your mood and reducing stress is to have a good de-clutter session.

This is a perfect time to sort through everything you have accumulated in the past year and create a space to start fresh; it’s good for the soul.

You won’t need that garden furniture until summer so why not consider putting it into storage? No need to be too ruthless by chucking what will come in handy in the future.

2. Lighten the mood

With the dark mornings, it is increasingly hard to pull yourselves from the depths of your bed. To combat this struggle, invest in a Lumie lamp that will wake you up gradually with increasing light, sure to beat those blues.

3. Get fresh

Crack open the windows and let fresh air circulate each room, whilst you deep clean the house from top to bottom. Also, wash those bed sheets.

Having a good night’s sleep does amazing things for your outlook in life and there’s nothing better than slipping into those freshly washed, glorious smelling sheets.

Extra points if they are still warm from the tumble dryer.

4. Sense of smell

Candles never fail to lighten the mood, filling the room with lovely uplifting aromas.

Smell is said to be the most direct sense, so if you’re feeling in need of a pickup, spark up your favourite candle, sit back and relax.

An even nicer way to fill your home with glorious smells is baking. Rainy Sunday afternoon? Give yourself a break from the January detox and bake a batch of cookies.

It makes the house smell amazing and you have cookies to share with your loved ones – win, win.

 5. Go green

Get yourself down to the garden centre and invest in some plants to dot around your home. As well as looking beautiful, having some green in your home can transform a space.

Now, go and pop on some good music, boil the kettle and start 2024 feeling fresh and inspired.

What are your favourite ways to navigate the Winter Blues?

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