Fit for a king or a royal mess?

Fit for a king or a royal mess?

2016 marks our Queen’s 90th Birthday; cue an onslaught of tacky, outlandish and downright unnecessary royal memorabilia.

Despite some real royal disasters, there have been some collectables that are now worth a pretty penny. You might want to fish around the loft or the back of your storage unit to hunt for any hidden treasures Granddad’s been hoarding.

Our pick of the some of the best and worst royal memorabilia.

The best

Aston Martin Royal Car

Image source: Comrade Foot

A limited-edition toy car commemorated the wedding of Prince William and Kate. Only 50 of the model cars (a replica of the car they drove off in) were made, all complete with official certificates. Approximate value: £250

Queen’s Commemorative Christening Spoon

Image source:

This English silver gilt spoon, created to commemorate the Christening of Queen Elizabeth II, is now worth a bit more than your average cutlery. Granny’s teaspoon collection might not seem so ridiculous after all. Approximate value: £120

Mis-printed stamps – Yes really!

silver-jubilee-stamp-george-vImage source:

Quite unusually, printing error  s can make commemorative items very valuable due to their extremely rare nature. The most valuable example is the stamp issued for the Diamond Jubilee of George V, which was printed in the wrong shade of blue. A few were sold before the sheets were destroyed, and these are now worth a small fortune. Approximate value: £16,000

The worst

Will and Kate Pez

Will-and-Kate-PezImage source:

Remember those sweet dispensers people went NUTS over at school? PEZ created some (not so life-like) versions of Wills and Kate to celebrate the royal wedding. Not the most valuable of collectables – or so you’d think. Someone bid over £8,000 to win these at a charity auction in 2011. We’re not sure if it was the royals or the sweets they had an unhealthy obsession with. Either way, it’s all a bit weird.

Royal Baby Plaque

Image source:

The grammar might be questionable, but if you are looking for something unique then this certainly fits the bill!

The Crown Jewels


Image source:

There’s nothing quite like a wedding to get you in the mood. But don’t get too excited, these Royal condoms carry a disclaimer advising would-be lovers they’re merely a souvenir and NOT suitable for, well, doing what they’re supposed to.

Some of these are total disasters, but we wouldn’t mind having a few of them around our house to laugh at now and again. Do you have any royal memorabilia? What’s the best / worst you’ve ever seen?

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