Enjoy your Hobby without Ruining your Relationship

Enjoy your Hobby without Ruining your Relationship

We all have our hobbies – some of us enjoy climbing, some love painting, and others love recreating battle scenes. Our hobbies are great creative outlets and one of the best-known natural stress relievers.

However – much to the dismay of our loved ones – some of us take our hobbies a little too far. If you spend your entire salary on collectibles or you’ve run out of space in the garage for tools, it’s time to take action.

Here are three golden rules to keep a good balance between your hobby and relationship:

Rule 1. Don’t ruin your budget

One of the easiest ways to save money is to buy items from a secondhand store or to rent them.

Nowadays you can rent nearly anything – from bikes to workout equipment – and it will give you the opportunity to test the equipment first to see if it really meets your expectations.

Same goes for books. No need to buy new ones, simply head to the library!


Rule 2. Sharing hobbies

Spending some of your free time together can help you get closer to your significant other.


A mutual hobby will give you something fun to talk about and it will also feel less like your partner is “wasting” money. Instead of arguing over finances, you can enjoy purchases together!

Everyone needs time to enjoy their own hobbies, but if you can find a hobby you both like, it makes it that much easier to understand why your partner devotes so much time to it.

Rule 3. Store your hobby supplies

Whether it’s a muddy mountain bike clogging up your hallway, or a pair of skis taking up half the space in the garage, most sporty types will agree that storing sports equipment can be a headache.

If your partner is fed up tripping over your canoe, perhaps it’s time to think about renting a storage unit. Not only will everything stay dry and protected, it will also be safe and out of the public eye.


Or maybe you’re passionate about Lego and have all the Lego City series? The fact is, your hobby is taking over your home and making your other half crazy. If you don’t know how to deal with all the stuff you’ve collected, a storage unit can be the answer.

Maybe all this sounds very familiar. But how do you balance your hobby with being in a relationship? Any good tips or golden rules? Please share!

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