Home design items that stand out

Home design items that stand out

Do you remember that famous scene from Friends where Ross and Phoebe’s boyfriend Mike hangout and have nothing to talk about?

You can laugh but I bet most of us have already been in such a situation before. Obviously you can always talk about the weather, but it will only get you so far.

Which is why we’ve been looking around for some cool home design items that will guarantee to start a conversation. The rest is up to you!

1. Levitating lamp – Flyte


Flyte is a lamp that levitates – yes you’ve read that right, it’s floating in the air! And no, it’s not an optical illusion!

Designed by Simin Morris, this lamp has a wooden base (you can choose from oak or walnut). The light bulb itself has a metal cap, which comes in chrome, copper or gold colour.

With this unique and amazing lamp you will surely impress anyone who comes to visit.

2. JinGoo Speaker – Daqi Concept


This gorgeous Bluetooth speaker is a wonderful mix of design and poetry.

The bird is made of ceramics, baked in the traditional kilns of the Taiwanese Yingge. The woofer which produces bass sounds is located in the bottom of the cage. Hidden in the body of the bird is the tweeter, which produces high tones.

Also here is the mood lighting, which subtly illuminates the bird and spreads a soft glow through your interior.

The JinGoo Speaker works on batteries that last up to 15 hours.

There are five different versions to choose from: white, blue-white, gold bird with black cage, gold bird with white cage, l’oiseau blue and cherry blossom. All versions are of 18 centimeters diameter and 28 centimeters high.

3. Favourite Things Lamp – Chen Karlsson

Make from durable polypropylene, this lamp isn’t just a lamp but also a display for your favourite object.

You can personalize it by filling it with whatever you want. Change the content of the lamp based on your mood, by the season or by occasion. In a dark setting with just this light on, it will feel as if your object is floating in the air.

This lamp comes in several colours such as yellow, red, white, black and pink, so you can choose one that matches the colour of your favourite object.

Buy it at www.chenkarlsson.com/favourite-things

4. Magis Spun rotating chair


Designed by Thomas Heatherwick, this chair looks more like a spinning top than a chair, and it’s certainly a lot more fun as well!

Take a seat and let yourself spin around in a complete circle. If you often have little visitors, this will be a hit!

This chair is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and comes in various colours such as black, white, red and purple.

5. Petite Friture Lamp – Vertigo

As large as 2 metre in diameter, this lamp will be a hard to miss fixture in any room, whether it’s hung over your dining table or in your living room.

However big this lamp is, it does not overshadow you because of it heavenly airiness – which is achieved by a thin frame and almost weightless plastic ribbons.

With the slightest of wind, this lamp will flutter to life. In the dark, the pattern of the ribbons will reflect on the walls and ceiling to create a beautiful shadow pattern.

This lamp comes in several colours such as cooper, white, black, green, blue and pink. There’s also a smaller version of 140 cm diameter.

Buy it at www.petitefriture.com

6. POV Circle Vase – Menu


POV stands for Point of View and refers to the optical changes that occur when you look at this beautiful and minimalistic vase from different angles.

From a 90 degree angle it looks flat and from other angle it looks as if your flower is floating in mid-air.

There are 3 colours to choose from: black, brass and silver and there are also 2 smaller sizes that work as candle holder.

You can also combine the different POV circles or hang things on it for a more personal touche.

7. Z Rack Bookcase – Ethicraft


Designed by Alain van Havre, this bookcase is a truly surprising design.

From a 90 degree angle, this book case looks like it’s made of different rectangular sections. But view it from different angles and you will see the shape of the different sections has changed – they look more ladder shaped.

This illusion is created by the playing with light and shadow to create a real eye catching piece of furniture.

Made from solid oak and finished with a transparent oil, this bookcase is protected against dirt for a long period of time.

This bookcase is available in 2 sizes, of 18 or 24 sections.

8. Floating Leaves – Moebe


Floating Leaves is a series of botanic photography produced through a special printing technique onto transparent film.

The photos of the leaves are inspired by the gathering of botanic samples and classic botanic illustration. Through the transparency of print, the leaves get a unique sense of multi-dimensionality rarely achieved in printed products.

Hang your mid-air or layer with other more monochromatic posters for a floating effect.

There are various photos available in size A3, A4 and A5.

Which of these 8 extraordinary items would you select to start a conversation? Share your comments below.

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