How to Hang Artwork The Right Way

How to Hang Artwork The Right Way

Is ‘hang some pictures on the wall’ on your bank holiday chore list?!  Adorning your walls with pictures can transform a room – injecting personality and style to the space.  If your blank walls need livening up, then here are 5 top tips on how to do it.

1. Gather the tools

A tape measure, pencil, nails and a spirit level are essential to the job.

You also need to ascertain what the wall is made from. Is it brick? or plaster? This will determine whether you need a drill and rawl plugs, or can simply hammer in a nail.  If you don’t want to leave any marks – command strips are a great option and can hold heavy pictures these days!

2. Plan the Space

While it is easy to put up any picture in any space, it is always best to plan the layout first.  Do you want to showcase a solo piece of work, or do you want to hang a gallery wall?

Laying out your design on the floor is a good option.  We prefer to plan it all on the wall first – cut out templates for your pictures and use masking tape to map out the perfect design.

3. Measure the height

Eye level is 145-155cm from the floor so this is where you ideally want the centre of your picture to be.

The best way to get there is by measuring the height of your picture, divide by 2, subtract the distance from the top of the frame to the hook and then add 145 cm. Although, you don’t have to be exact – you can work with what looks right to you!

Mark this with a pencil as the perfect spot for your nail.

If you are hanging multiple pictures hang your largest one first, and then work around it.

4. Hang the Picture

A standard rawl plug will suffice for brick, but for standard stud walls you will need an arrow shaped plasterboard plug. These expand on the other side of the plasterboard to secure them into place.

Please also make sure you are avoiding electrical wires, or pipes before you do any drilling!

5. Different hanging styles

Hanging pictures is the most obvious choice – but do consider other ways to display your artwork.  Leaning artwork is a great style choice – simple place your chosen piece on the floor against the wall, on a chair or a books shelf.  Mixed in with plants and ornaments your prints will look super stylish.

Another option is a picture rail.  These slim shelves can hold multiple pieces and are brilliant if you like to rotate your pictures – nothing needs to be nailed to the wall!

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