Making bracelets from t-shirt yarn

Making bracelets from t-shirt yarn

We had so much fun turning our old t-shirts into bags that we decided to sit down with the kids and get them involved in their own clothing up-cycling project, creating headbands and bracelets from t-shirt yarn.

Craft projects are a great way to get kids off the sofa and into a creative mind-set, and you don’t have to plan anything too messy or expensive as long as you can think outside the box and find inspiration at home.

These bracelets and headbands are a great way to “get rid” of those old (blackcurrant squash stained) favourite t-shirts they’ve grown out of but refuse to throw away! With just a pair of scissors, and some adult supervision of course, they made their own unique bracelets and headbands to show off to their friends.

You will need

  • An old t-shirt
  • Fabric scissors

How to make t-shirt yarn

1. Take an old t-shirt and using fabric scissors cut off the hem at the bottom. Then cut from underneath one armpit to the other one, removing the top of your t-shirt. Your t-shirt will now be in a tube shape.


2. Hold your t-shirt so that the edges are aligned and then cut from the seam of one side to roughly an inch away from the other side. This will make a big fringe effect.


3. Open up the t-shirt so that you can see where the material joins and then one link at a time cut at an angle from one joint in the fabric to the next, this will make it into one long piece of yarn. You can now roll this into a ball until you are ready to use it.


How to make bracelets and headbands

1. To make these simple festival inspired bracelets and headbands first cut three pieces of t-shirt yarn. Using different colours looks great in this.


2. Tie a knot in the end of the yarn and then plait the three pieces together, tying a knot at the other end when you are finished.


3. To make bracelets wrap these around your wrist and then tie the ends together and for a headband simply tie it around your head securing the ends together round the back of your head.


Have anything you think you can up-cycle in your own wardrobe or around the home? Share your ideas below. You never know, you could inspire someone to take on their own crafting project!

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