Really Easy Valentine’s Day Crafts

Really Easy Valentine’s Day Crafts

Happy Valentine’s / Galentine’s / Palentine’s! Whichever way you want to celebrate love this week, we have some really easy crafts that will make the perfect gift for a loved one. These super quick and simple ideas are brilliant for all ages, and use bits and pieces you should already have around the house.

1. The Homemade Card

Homemade cards really are the best. They are thoughtful, more eco-friendly and superb if you don’t have time to get to the shops!

First of all – find some card. Try old cards, used boxes or rummage in your craft cupboard! Simply cut to size, fold in half and get creating.

We love to incorporate a 3D love heart into our designs. To do this, simply fold a piece of paper several times and cut out a heart shape to make a bunch of hearts of the same size. Next up, fold in half and glue one side to another heart in a row.  Stick the first and last heart to your card to create your heart fan!  So cute.

Love Heart homemade Card.jpg

2. Valentine Bunting

Add some love-ly décor to you home with some simply cute bunting.  All you need for this one is some string, a pack of pegs, plus your Valentine decoration.

Hang the string around the house – from picture frame to book case, to light fitting to hook! Anywhere you can get a decent length.  Your Valentine decoration can be anything that suits your taste – cut out pictures from magazines, use cards from previous years, photos of you and your loved one, or simple drawings.  Peg it onto your string to get your bespoke bunting!

Valentines Bunting.jpg

3. Valentine’s Wreath

Wreaths are popular all year round, and can be adapted to suit the season! So switch up your winter wreath, for one celebrating love.

The base of your wreath can be a moss ring, a straw circle or craft wire.  Once you have your foundation then you can add your love-inspired decoration.  Go for roses, red carnations and berries on a background of ever-greens for a classic touch.

Valentines wreath.jpg

4. Lipstick painting

Make your very own work of art with a lipstick painting.

Start with a blank sheet of paper, apply your lipstick and kiss the page! If you have different colour lipsticks, add them in for variety A one-off masterpiece for the one you love.

Lipstick painting.jpg

5. Felt Love Hearts

You can also make some lovely little hearts using any scraps of material you have around the house.  This could be felt – but any fabric will do, including old t-shirts or duvet covers.

Cut out your heart shapes, making sure both pieces are a similar size.  Turn them inside out and start to stitch around the edges until you only have a small section remaining. At this point, push the material through the hole so you turn the heart back the right way round.  You can fill the heart with different fillings – cotton wool, tissues or rice are good choices! Once the heart is stuffed, close the hole with some neat stiches.

Use fabric pens, or glue to add any further embellishments!

Felt Hearts.jpg

Have fun making your love inspired crafts!  Happy 14th February from us all at Shurgard.


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