5 Spooky Halloween Crafts

5 Spooky Halloween Crafts

Spooky season is upon us! Halloween is just around the corner, and most of us are embracing the increasing trend of decorating the house with scary stuff! Be it for a ghoulish party or just to embrace the trend, here are some fun Halloween crafts!

1. Monster Toilet Rolls

Save up your toilet and kitchen rolls for these fun and super simple little monsters.

Get out the paint in all your favourite spooky colours – from pumpkin orange, to ghoulish green and witchy purple! Just paint the roll and then leave it to dry.

Next up – create your character.  A black marker pen can be used to draw on your pumpkin face, or cut out little googly eyes for a monster, or white triangles for fangs!

Display your little monsters on shelves, window ledges or bookcases.

Moster Toilet Rolls.jpg

2. Ghostly leaves

Get outside in the autumnal weather, and pick up some leaves.  Horse Chestnut, Birch and Sycamore make great ghost shapes – but hunt around the garden to find your favourite type.

Paint the leaves a pure white this time, and then leave to dry.  Use the black pen to add 3 circles – 2 for eyes, and one for a mouth saying boo! You can tie the leaves together with string to create your very own Halloween garland.

White ghost leaves.jpg

3. Fabric Witches Cat

These witches cats made out of felt – or any left over material – make really cute Halloween decorations.

Simply cut out 2 circles from your chosen material and pick one to be the face. Next cut out shapes to make the eyes, ears and mouth and stick onto the face with a strong glue.  The whiskers can be created with white thread stitching.

Finally, place some wool or cotton in the middle and then sew up the sides using a standard running stitch. Puuurrr-fect!

Felt Witches Cat.jpg

4. String Spiders Web

You can make a scary spider’s web with just 2 ingredients! Twigs and string.

Collect 4 twigs – ideally of a similar size but you can snap to length as needed!  Lay all 4 in a star pattern on the table and wrap the string around the cross-over point in the middle.  Wrap it round several times to make sure you have a sturdy core. Then you can start weaving your web by looping the string over the twig once, and then moving onto the next one.

Keep going round until you have competed your shape and tie a knot at the final loop.  Finally add some thread so you can hang them around your house!

Spiders webs.jpg

5. Creepy Pebbles

Pebble art is lots of fun, and another great Halloween craft!

Go on a treasure hunt for some different types of pebbles – smooth or knobbly – depending on what creature you want to create. Get out the paint and brushes and let the imagination flow! Pumpkins, bats, witches, ghosts, monsters or zombies are all excellent choices!

Pumpkin Pebbles.jpg

Have fun this Halloween season.


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