15th July: National Give Something Away Day

15th July: National Give Something Away Day

Overwhelmed by how much stuff you have? Why not join in National Give Something Away Day!

15th July is recognised as the official day to encourage us all to share a bit of what we have. This little act of kindness can make someone’s day.

Sharing what you have will put a spring in your step too. So, what will you do for National Give Something Away Day?

Give Your Clothes

Got an overflowing wardrobe? Get it all out!

Go through each item and asses if it is still something you wear. Pile up all items that you no longer use, but still have life left. Donate to a local charity shop. The larger charities also offer collection services which you can book online.

Give Your Books

Donate books that you no longer use to a local school or library. Your books will continue to inspire another generation.

Give A Generous Tip

If you feel you had extra special service today, leave a generous tip!

This pleasant surprise act will make your waiter smile.

Give To A Friend

Has a friend complimented you on something recently? An item of clothing? A book? A recipe?

Whatever it was, why not give it to your friend? They will appreciate the thought. And you might just get a satisfying hug back!

Give Your Towels Or Bedding

Animal shelters are often in desperate need of towels to create dry and comfy beds.

Drop by your local cat, dog or wildlife centre with any old, but clean towels and bedding. It will be put to good to use. A lovely way to extend the use of your stuff.

Give Your Time

Volunteer! It doesn’t have to be material possessions, giving your time is just as valuable.

Think about local organisations who may need a bit of help – your local library or community centre can point you in the right direction.

Or search the database at reachvolunteering.org.uk

Give Your Kindness

Surprise acts of kindness will really make someone smile.

If you have an elderly neighbour – pop in for a cup of tea.  Pay for a stranger’s coffee. Compliment a friend or colleague. Simple, friendly acts will give someone a lift.

Give A Good Review

Make time to support a local business and leave a positive review.

You could also endorse a friend’s skills on LinkedIn. Or add practical comments to a blog. Lovely feedback is a great support and benefit.

What will you give away on 15th July? Let us know in the comments below.


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