Fitness Apps and How To Work Out At Home

Fitness Apps and How To Work Out At Home

A New Year often means a New Year’s Resolution – and topping most lists will be eating healthy and getting fit!  At home fitness apps are a brilliant combination of professional videos that help you meet your exercise goal, all in the comfort of your own own home.

Here is how to work out at home and which fitness app to try.

Wear comfortable clothing

No need for gym-chic, just find something loose to wear that won’t restrict your movement

Clear some space

A corner of your room will suffice.  Box up unused items and stash in your cupboard, or move stuff out to a storage unit if you don’t have storage space at home

Home gym weights

Use household items like cans or bottles if you don’t have gym weights


Make sure you warm-up before doing any exercise and keep water to hand to keep you hydrated

Stream your fitness app

Most apps can be streamed on to a big screen, but a smart phone will suffice!

If you are looking for a new fitness app – here is an overview of the most popular.


This paid app is excellent – it includes a whole library of professional fitness classes, including famous faces too! They are grouped into targeted areas: Strength, cardio or rebalance and you can pick your duration (25, 40 or 60 minutes).  If you pair your workout with the heart rate monitor you can log your reps, compete on a live leaderboard and monitor your progress as well.

Fiit is based on a subscription model. You can start with a 2 week free trial, then choose between £10 a month if you commit to the whole year (£120 upfront), or a monthly fee of £20.

Body Coach

The Body Coach (aka Joe Wicks) cemented himself as the go-to fitness guru during lockdown! His daily P.E lessons on YouTube were followed by millions, inspiring kids (and adults) to get moving.  He still regularly uploads free content to YouTube allowing you to get fit with Joe without spending a penny.

For a more structured approach (and if you don’t mind paying), The Body Coach app is great. Launched this year, it is an evolution of his famous 90-day plan.  You receive weekly workouts and a meal planner based on your weight and goals. Log your measurements too – and (if you want to) add photos so you can document your ‘before’ and ‘after’.

Price options are £14.99 per month, £37.99 per quarter or £89.99 if you sign up for the full year.

Coach to 5k (NHS)

If you are new to exercise, the NHS Couch to 5K is highly recommended.  It is a free app which moves you from walking to 30 minutes of jogging, across a 9 week programme.

The plan involves 3 runs a week, with a day of rest in-between.  This is the perfect option for anyone looking to start running or increase their physical exercise.

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Combining fun stories with yoga poses and mindfulness relaxations these sessions are a big hit with kids! You can choose from a huge range of adventures and themes – Frozen, Star Wars, Minecraft and Moana to name a few. Many videos are available for free on YouTube, or use the app to get customisable, ad-free access to all the cosmic kids range.

Nike Training Club

The app can also be downloaded for free. The basic version gives you access to 100s of workouts; alternatively you can upgrade to the paid premium version which gives you full access, health tips and mindfulness guides.

Progress through the stages to increase your strength and stamina. Or just dip into certain workouts based on the muscle group you want to work, the gym equipment you have at home or workout type.


Are you ready to work-out at home? What is your at-home gym routine? Let us know in the comments below.


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