Smart Ways to Store Your Bike Indoors

Smart Ways to Store Your Bike Indoors

No more squeezing past your bike or banishing it to the garage or hallway! These simple indoor bike storage ideas free up space and add a cool touch to your home.

Whether you like a basic wall mount or a stylish display, there’s a storage idea for every bike lover. Find the one that suits you best and give your home a bike-friendly makeover!

Wall-Mounted Racks

Get rid of bike clutter by putting it on the wall! Wall-mounted racks save space and turn your bike into a cool decoration.

Pick a design that matches your style, whether it’s modern, rustic, or something in between.

Under the Stairs Storage

Use the space under your stairs for bike storage. You can install special racks or create custom shelves to fit your bike snugly. It’s a clever way to keep your bike close without using up your floor space.

Up, Up, and Away

If your floor space is limited, think about the ceiling. Overhead hoists let you lift and hang your bike, keeping things organised and making the most of your room.

Furniture Friends

Why hide your bike when you can show it off? Look for furniture pieces that come with built-in bike storage.

Coffee tables, shelves, or cabinets can blend your love for cycling with your home decor.

Make Your Own Shelf

Let’s turn this into your own do-it-yourself bike shelf project. Build a custom bike shelf using reclaimed wood or industrial piping.

It’s a fun way to keep your bike off the floor and add a personal touch to your space.

Vertical Hooks

Turn your bike into a piece of art with vertical wall hooks. Hanging your bike vertically looks cool and saves space. Choose hooks that match your style and turn your bike into a standout feature in any room.

Finally, if your better half doesn’t fancy the idea of keeping your bike indoors, there is always Shurgard Self-Storage!

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