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About Shurgard Self Storage - Video

Our company

Shurgard opened its first self-storage centre in Brussels to help people store their belongings in 1995. Many others followed shortly!

Today Shurgard has grown into the largest provider of self-storage in Europe. In total we have over 270 self-storage centres in 7 European countries. You can find us in most capital and major cities in the Netherlands, France, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany and Denmark.

Our vision for the future

Customer and store manager at Shurgard Self Storage

We understand how important it is to bring peace of mind at times of big life changes. We don’t simply rent out storage space, but make you feel welcome as a customer. By truly listening to your needs and keeping your belongings safe, you can move on and prepare your future with peace of mind.

But what makes our customer service stand out?

  • From the moment our people start their career at Shurgard, we offer them unique training and development opportunities, in which empathy and communication skills are just as important as any hard skill training like system knowledge.
  • As a leader in self-storage with over 25 years of experience, we have fine-tuned and estabished a process that truly works to give our customers the best storage experience possible.

Our engagement is what makes us unique

Employee engagement helps Shurgard deliver great customer service

Engagement is the one value that truly characterises Shurgard. Only by being engaged in what we do and going that extra mile, we are able to assist you all the way and give you a stress-free storage experience.

Our store managers will take all the time needed to listen to your personal situation and suggest you a solution that best suits your needs. From helping you find the right storage unit, to giving you advice for your move in, to keeping your belongings safely stored away – our people are always there for you! That’s what makes us unique.

Creating space to breathe

Create space with self storage at Shurgard

It’s all about your needs and peace of mind! Whether you’re moving house or setting up your own business, we’ll create the space for you to get on with what truly matters to you. During your entire journey with Shurgard, your belongings will be safely stored away and your mind will be at ease.

Our various training and coaching programmes help our employees to engage in what they do and we give them all the space they need to learn and build their self-confidence.