What is Stichting Pelicano?

Pelicano is a foundation that fights to end child poverty in Belgium. Since 2009, they have been committed to ensuring all children’s basic needs of healthy living conditions, nutritious food, education and meaningful leisure time are met.

How does the foundation work?

  • ­Tracking underprivileged children: Pelicano collaborates with schools, the Public Welfare Centre and Social Services to track poverty situations in families. 
  • Solving urgent problems: Pelicano provides the necessary food and clothing, and pays for the child’s medical, educational and social costs. 
  • Long-term support: once these basic needs are met, Pelicano ensures that all financial support goes straight to the child until the age of 18.

How does Shurgard help Pelicano?

  • ­Shurgard provides the foundation free storage space at seven different self storage locations. 
  • Shurgard is collecting toys which Pelicano will distribute to underprivileged children during the Christmas period.
  • Finally, posters with a QR code are displayed in all our self storage facilities to encourage our customers to donate to Pelicano.

How can you help Pelicano?

Anyone can help underprivileged children. So can you! There are 3 ways to support Pelicano:

  • by donating,
  • by donating as a company,
  • or by including Pelicano in your will.

Read more on www.pelicano.be