When self-storage can be of help

  • Keeping the tax man and accountants happy: you need to keep many records for at least 7 years. These soon mount up. Rather than be surrounded by paperwork, keep what you use and put the rest in storage.
  • Keep paperwork out of the way: create more office space by keeping your documents in storage.
  • Moving to a new site: you might want to keep records safe in self-storage while moving into larger or smaller premises.
  • Freeing up space if you work from home: if you work from home then space can be at a premium, put your business documents in store to stop them taking over.
  • Backing-up records: keeping some back-ups documents off site may help your business to continue running smoothly.
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Why choose Shurgard for storing business archives

Self-storage is good solution for keeping your business archives out of the way.

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Access 7 days a week

If you are storing documents off site then you need to be able to get hold of them or file more away whenever you want.

Ventilated units

If your documents are fragile or old, then choose one of our ventilated units for perfect storage conditions.

Up or down-size whenever you want

Because your records might grow or no longer be needed, we make it easy for you to move to a larger or smaller unit with no transfer fee.

Store for as long as you need

Whether you want short or long term storage, we can help.

You can rent online 

All available units and prices are shown online. You can rent a unit instantly on our website. Still in doubt? There's no charge to reserve a storage unit and you can cancel at any time.

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New to self storage?

How self storage works

Self storage with Shurgard is easy. You can rent a storage unit in just 3 steps.

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Our self storage prices

Here's how we quote the price of a self storage unit at Shurgard.

About storage unit prices

Our storage unit sizes

Examples of our different storage unit sizes and how to choose the right one.

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Temporary storage

What temporary storage at Shurgard means and how we can help you.

About temporary storage

Community storage vs self storage

The main differences between peer-to-peer storage and self storage.

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Pick up & delivery vs. self storage

The main differences between pick up & delivery and self storage.

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Self storage FAQs

Do you have questions about self storage at Shurgard?

Check out our FAQs
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