Packing materials

Moving boxes and packing supplies at Shurgard
Packing materials

At Shurgard, we want to help make it as easy as possible to store your belongings. Good packing supplies can really make a difference. Our high-quality moving boxes and packing materials are sold at any Shurgard reception office.

Yes. You can buy our moving boxes and packing materials at any Shurgard reception office.

You don't have to rent a storage unit from us to buy these supplies at Shurgard.

See our wide range of high-quality moving boxes and packing supplies.

Our moving boxes are for personal use and cannot be exchanged or rented. Our boxes are of high quality so you can store your belongings for many years.

We have moving boxes in various sizes:

  • Small box: Suitable for videos, DVDs/CDs, books, tools and small heavy items.
  • Medium box: Suitable for medium-weight objects such as clothing and toys, and also glassware. You can use glass dividers with this box to conveniently store glasses.
  • Medium extra strong box: For heavy objects. This box is easy to open and close.
  • Large box: The height makes this box perfect for clothing and textiles, or for keeping larger objects like electronics dust-free.
  • Wardrobe box: Keeps clothing wrinkle free thanks to the hanger bar provided. Room at the bottom for storing sheets, jumpers and jackets.
  • Glass divider: Used to protect glasses, bottles, vases or cups in a medium moving box.

Our packing supplies protect your belongings and simplify the storage process:

  • Tape: Use this tape to secure boxes or to seal cupboard doors.
  • Tape gun: The ideal tool during a busy move. With free tape. Tape all your boxes closed with one hand.
  • Blanket: Protect all sorts of valuable items against damage during a move. For example, prevent scratches to furniture or use this sturdy blanket to keep your sofa free of dust.
  • Dust cover: Keep large items of furniture dust free with this large dust cover.
  • Bubble wrap: Ideal for fragile items. It is 1 metre in width so also perfect for larger objects such as paintings and mirrors.
  • Shrink wrap: Protect cupboards, chairs, stools and other furniture against dirt with this shrink wrap foil. Also highly practical to protect a suitcase during a flight!
  • Double mattress bag: Protect your mattress against dust and moisture during transport and storage with this very practical mattress cover.
  • Silk paper: This recycled paper can be used to protect glasses, crockery and art objects.

See our range of moving boxes and packing supplies.

Yes, we have created a handy list of packing tips. We have also made a handy moving checklist for when you move house. To make the best use of your storage space, see our self-storage tips.

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