Security measures at Shurgard, what to do when you lose your PIN code or key

Your possessions are safe with us.

Below are the frequently asked questions about security at Shurgard.

We use various means to guarantee that your belongings are safe and secured when stored at Shurgard:

  • Shurgard staff: our staff are always present at Shurgard locations during opening hours. They keep an eye on everything that happens in and around our premises during their daily surveillance rounds.
  • Camera monitoring: all our locations have visible and hidden CCTV, 24 hours per day to monitor the interior and exterior of the facility.
  • Building security: Shurgard works with a professional security company so together we can guarantee the safety and security around the premises.
  • Individual access code: an individual PIN code gives you access to a Shurgard facility and the area where your storage unit is. No-one else can come into this area unless they’ve got a unit there too.
  • Personal lock and key: both the lock and key to your storage unit are unique. You are the only person who has keys for this lock. So no one else can access your belongings.

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You use the specially designed secure cylinder lock to lock your storage unit.

You own the lock and the corresponding keys. This means you are the only person with access to your storage unit.

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Yes, when you rent a storage unit at Shurgard you can also give other people access to your unit.

You decide who can access your unit and you give that person your access code and key.

The person who has entered into the rental contract remains responsible and liable, for example for damage to the premises or other people’s belongings.

At Shurgard we always know who is in and on our premises.

We only give customers access to our premises using personal access codes. This means we can keep unauthorised persons out and we can ensure the safety and security of you and your belongings.

If you lose the key to your storage unit you should report it to the on-site manager of your Shurgard location.

As we don't keep a copy of your key, in consultation with you we can have the lock drilled open by a locksmith. The costs for this will be charged to you.

If you have forgotten your access code you can request a new one from the on-site manager at your Shurgard location.

For security reasons, we only give the new code to the person who signed the rental contract.

This means that you can only get the new access code on presenting a valid photo ID.

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