With so many ways of selling things without renting premises ─ such as on online shops, on eBay, in pop-ups, on market stalls, and at car boot sales ─ self-storage could be a cost-effective solution for stock storage.

When you need self-storage

  • Products taking over your home – if you are running your business from home or just using it for overflow stock, you can soon get fed up with boxes of stuff around. Claim your home back by putting your stock in storage.
  • Needing to upscale for peak periods  –  whether it’s the Christmas rush or wedding season... make sure you’ve got the right amount of stock so you can maximise sales. Short-term self-storage can help you cater for these peak periods.
  • Your business is growing fast – but you’re not ready to move just yet, keep your stock in storage instead.
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Why choose Shurgard for storing your stock

Whether you need space to store stock for a few weeks or for much longer we can make it easy for you.

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Any size of unit

Choose a unit type to fit your needs and the type of product you are selling.

Convenient access

If you want to top up your stock before an event or supply a customer who’s made a last minute request, you can.

Up or down-size when you need

As your stock grows or shrinks, you can transfer to a larger unit or smaller unit with no transfer charge.

Ventilated units

If your stock needs ventilation or specific temperatures, then our ventilated units may provide the perfect conditions.

Move stock in or out easily

Some of our units have vehicle access making it easy to load and unload stock.

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New to self storage?

How self storage works

Self storage with Shurgard is easy. You can rent a storage unit in just 3 steps.

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Our self storage prices

Here's how we quote the price of a self storage unit at Shurgard.

About storage unit prices

Our storage unit sizes

Examples of our different storage unit sizes and how to choose the right one.

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Temporary storage

What temporary storage at Shurgard means and how we can help you.

About temporary storage

Community storage vs self storage

The main differences between peer-to-peer storage and self storage.

See comparison

Pick up & delivery vs. self storage

The main differences between pick up & delivery and self storage.

See comparison

Self storage FAQs

Do you have questions about self storage at Shurgard?

Check out our FAQs
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