Changing units

How to change your storage unit size, access feature or location
Changing units

As your storage needs can evolve over time, Shurgard is flexible if you need to change your storage unit size or access feature.

Read our frequently asked questions about how to change storage units at Shurgard

Yes, of course. Maybe you want to gradually move some belongings back into your new home. Or perhaps you need more space for extra merchandise. Whatever the reason, moving unit is no problem.
Simply inform the manager at your Shurgard location if you wish to move to another unit. He will advise you on what unit size would suit you better and help you reserve your new unit.

Shurgard won’t charge you any transfer costs for moving to a bigger or smaller unit.

You only pay the rental difference if the new unit is more expensive. If the new unit is cheaper, the rental difference will be deducted from your next invoice(s).

There are 2 ways to determine the best unit size:

  • You can use our storage size calculator. Here you can indicate which items you want to store and the calculator will do the calculation for you.
  • You can also talk to the manager at your Shurgard location. He’ll advise you on what unit size or type would suit you best.

Yes, no problem. If you would like to transfer your belongings to another facility, you can talk to the on-site manager who will take care of the paperwork.