10 Essential Space Savers

10 Essential Space Savers

Fed up of knocking over bottles? Never enough room for your bits and pieces?

You need our 10 essential space savers! These are our favourite ways to organise and maximise every corner of your house.

1. Cupboard Organisers


Stop the cupboard juggle! These wire racks are brilliant for getting organised cupboards.

Stack them up to create extra layers so you can sort items, and quickly find what you need.

2. Room Dividers


If you need your room to multi-task, use multi-function room dividers. The IKEA KALLAX shelving unit will do the trick.

Position it so that you create zones in your living area – a little tip to make the most out of a small space. Then use the storage nooks to tidy everything away.

3. Wall Grids


No matter how big your home – countertops quickly get cluttered. Wall grids will help you clear the mess from the tables.

Try hanging pots in bathrooms to store cotton wool, clips or lotions. Use in your kitchen to display spoons and spatulas within easy reach.

4. Foldable Ladder And Seat


If you’re using every storage space in your house, including high cupboards – the IKEA BEKVÄM stepladder is for you!

Perfect to give you the step up where you need it. It can then be neatly folded and stored.

Oh, and need a spare seat? This ladder can be one too!

5. Stackable Beds


If you like to entertain but lack spare rooms – then this handy space saver is for you!

A stackable bed means you have the option of extra sleeping places, without committing to using double the space every day. Genius.

6. Headboard Storage


No room for bedside tables? Get the IKEA NORDLI headboard.

This handy item has grooves so you can easily slot in storage baskets. Cables for lights or chargers can also be tucked away through the back of the board. Stylish and practical.

7. Jar Caddy


If you are forever knocking over jars to reach the right item, you need this jar caddy.

The turntable rotates so you browse the items, and easily select what you need. Neat, tidy and organised! A brilliant companion to deep cupboards.

8. Space Saving Cutlery Drawer


If you lack drawer space in your kitchen – this clever little tray will suit you.

Full size cutlery can be tucked away into the slopping compartments. The smart design means the items are stacked which doesn’t waste space.

9. Folding Table


The IKEA ÄPPLARÖ space saving table is the right choice for small entertaining areas. Tuck it up against a wall and open/close the table as required.

10. Scarf Storage


Need a cool trick for storing scarves? These specially designed hangers are an easy addition to your wardrobe.

Pop multiple scarfs, ties or belts onto one hanger and you’ll have everything ready at a quick glance.

If you’ve tried all ideas and still run out of space at home, then consider Shurgard Self-Storage.

We have convenient and affordable storage spaces available so you can de-clutter your house. Find out more.

What are your essential space savers? Share your ideas below.

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