5 Bonfire Night Tasty Snacks

5 Bonfire Night Tasty Snacks

Hallowe’en has past, which means it is Bonfire night this weekend! Are you ready?

If you are heading to a local display you might only need to think about getting a pack of sparklers – but if you have family and friends coming to your back garden spectacle… you might have a few more items on your to-do list.  Fireworks, Tick. Bonfire. Tick.  But what is on the menu?

Finger food is an absolute winner at this time of year. Easy to eat and oh-so satisfying. Here are some tasty treats to add to the menu.

1. Hot Dogs

An absolute fireside classic.  BBQ your sausages on the fire, or just pre-cook in the oven for ease. Both meat or veggie options are covered and you just need to pair it with a lovely bread bun, fried onions and an array of condiments. A tasty bonfire night treat.

Obviously burgers work just as well too.

2. Pasties

These are another easy to eat, hand held food. Choose your filling of choice and wrap it into the pastry – making sure you fold in and crimp the edge so you have a strong base for your guests to hold their meal. The options here are numerous – from the classic beef and vegetable, to a simple cheese and onion, you can cater for many different tastes with these individual hand-held meals.

3. Bonfire Jackets

The humble jacket potato is also a camping staple, and another Bonfire night winner.  You can pre-cook your jackets in the oven, or to gain some more authenticity you can cook your potatoes in the embers of your fire.  To do this, prick your potato and add some butter before wrapping it up in tin foil. Then bury your potato into the hot coal or embers of your fire and leave it to cook for about 45 minutes.

Offer up a variety of toppings (beans, cheese, chilli, coleslaw… the list goes on) and your guests can pick and choice a hearty meal for bonfire night.

4. 5th November Cupcakes

If you are looking for a sweet treat, cupcakes are the answer! You can style your cupcake to create a variety of bonfire night themed delights. Use icing to create a Catherine Wheel covered in sparkles, add edible firework decorations, or layer up Matchmakers on top of orange cream to create your very own mini bonfires.  What style will you go for?

5. Bonfire Night ‘Smores

In the UK, marshmallows are the typical fireside sweet snack, but you can take it to another level with the ‘Smore’ – a camping delight that is particularly popular in America.  So much so that  you just want ‘some more’!

To get the perfect British version we recommend using Rich Tea biscuits as your base, add a marshmallow and a square of chocolate in the middle, wrap that package into foil and roast in your fire for a minute or two.  You will then get the perfect go-ey marshmallow-chocolate to your biscuit centre.  What is not to love?

Are you hosting Bonfire night this year? What are you planning to cook? Let us know in the comments below.

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