How To Create A Hotel Style Bed

How To Create A Hotel Style Bed

Do you ever have bed envy?! Are you looking to create a sumptuous bed that looks, and feels, fantastic? You can create your own hotel-worthy bedroom if you follow these simple rules.


Do go for the best duvet and pillows that you can afford. You want a set that will ‘bounce back’ and unfortunately the cheaper options are most likely to feel limp after a while.  We would also recommend an ‘All-seasons’ duvet. These will have 2 different tog levels which can be used separately (e.g. a 4 tog for Summer and a 9 tog for Autumn); then combined together to keep you snug for winter.

Invest in your duvet and pillows covers too.  Natural fibres like cotton are your best option – they will keep you cool in summer and warm in the winter.  Baffled by the thread count?  Essentially – the higher the thread count, the softer it will feel against your skin (but the higher the price!). Under 180 is likely to feel a bit rough, so go for the best you can between 200-400.

Colour choice

The typical hotel aesthetic is crisp white.  Don’t feel obliged to stick to neutrals though – go for your own personal style.  Black or navy can look sleek when styled right.  And don’t hold back from prints.  A simple stripe or polka dot can be elegant, whereas a jungle print will give off an ultra modern vibe.

Anything goes as long as you are using good quality materials.

The Pillow equation

The pillows are a big part of the style!  And everyone has their own way to do it.

Typical hotel style is to have one under the covers, and one on top (x2 for a double bed).  The one under the cover should match the sheets for a streamlined look. The one on top should co-ordinate with the duvet. Alternatively you can go for both pillows propped up against the headboard, with the duvet folded over instead.

Then there is the all important ‘décor’ pillows! As a simple rule, you can use this equation:

  • Single bed: One large Cushion and one small cushion
  • Double: Two large, two small and one square cushion
  • King: Three large, two small and one square cushion

The idea is to create a good balance, that fills all the gaps on the bed. Finally, make sure they are well plumped and sitting proud!

pillows on a bed.jpg


The final tip is to add layers to the bed to make it super comfy and inviting.  Look at different textures to add interest – from wool to knit to faux fur, there are lots of options to work with your décor.

This layer tends to be more casual – so fold up the throw and drape it over one end of the bed, or lay it out across the bottom third.

Finishing Touches

Remember to keep an eye on the details too – all fastenings should be on the bottom of the bed, the pillow openings should be on the inside and all sheets tucked in neatly.

Then finally add some candles, wax melts or fresh flowers to add a lovely inviting smell to the room.

Good night. Have a fabulous sleep!

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