Helpful Home Money Saving Tips

Helpful Home Money Saving Tips

We are all feeling the pinch these days. Fuel and energy costs are soaring, as well as a general rise in all daily living costs.  There are, however, plenty of ways to make a tweak to our lifestyle to keep a few more pounds in our pocket.  Here are our helpful money saving tips for around the home.

Create a Shopping List

Going to the supermarket without a plan in advance (or when hungry!) is dangerous.  You are more likely to overspend and grab items you don’t really need. Planning is key here.

Decide in advance what meals you want to cook over the coming week(s) and list the ingredients that you will use.  This will help you to organise meals which will use up similar core ingredients – as well as ensuring you get the required items.   A double win – minimising both waste and overspending.

We are a big fan of pen and paper, however there are plenty of apps which can help you out here!  Meal Planner Pal and Mealtime are good starting points – they let you add your meals for the week and all ingredients are summed into a convenient shopping list.

Smart Laundry Choices

Wherever possible run a cool wash for your dirty laundry – heating it up costs extra money, uses up additional energy and can cause clothes to shrink.

It is also best to avoid tumble dryers.  Get your clothes hung up outside so they can dry naturally without costing a thing. There are different size washing lines, or even retractable versions which can work with the outdoor space you have.  Alternatively a foldable clothes dryers is great and can be used to dry your clothes inside or out – all year round!

Repurpose What You Own

If you are looking to revamp your home – try rearranging the furniture rather than buying something new.  Or have a look in your storage unit to see if there is a useful piece that you can swap in for something else.  This will give you the opportunity to refresh and revitalise without spending a penny.

Equally you can try upcycling.  Check our our blog Upcycling: Transform Your Furniture to give you some inspiration.

Cleaning Basics

The cost of cleaning products can add up.  Natural alternatives are cheaper (as well as being kinder to the environment).  Use your own mixture of baking soda and white wine vinegar to clean and disinfect your house.

Additionally avoid the cost of air fresheners or reed diffusers/ scented candles by bringing freshly cut flowers into the home.  Dropping a few drops of essential oils into hot water will also effectively give your home a scent-lift too.

Skip the Extras

While we advocate treating yourself, it is also worthwhile reviewing the daily extras.  Do you grab a coffee on your way to work?  Invest in a thermos instead and brew your own before you leave.  Don’t buy bottled water and have a re-suable water bottle in its place. Also check all your subscriptions! Gym memberships, magazines, groups… there maybe something you continue to buy without realising!

DIY Repairs

You can learn most things on YouTube these days! Try to mend small home issues before they turn into bigger problems.

Fix a leaky tap, paint a wall, mend a step or fix a broken zip.  There are a few things that you can do yourself with a bit of invested time. However, don’t feel overwhelmed – if anything is complicated or dangerous – always call in a professional.

Let us know your top tips for saving money around the home!

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