Hidden Storage For Guilty Pleasures!

Hidden Storage For Guilty Pleasures!

What’s your passion? Maybe it’s pottery. Collecting shoes. Or ‘side-hustling’ (Google it – 2019’s top hobby!).

Well, whatever takes your fancy – probably takes up space! And if your family members don’t share your enthusiasm – they will get annoyed if it is cluttering up the house.

Where does it go? Your limited cupboard space is taken with day-to-day items, right? Hmm. Now is the time get inventive with space.

We’ve looked at some alternative, secret storage options to keep your guilty pleasures out-of-sight.

Hidden Headboards

The headboards of a bed can double as a great storage space! Include shelving or pull out drawers in this otherwise unused area, and you’ll have the perfect place to keep books, papers or boxes.

Whatever you need! Close the door, and the clutter is gone.

Under Bed Storage

Not only can you use the headboard, but the whole space under the bed is handy too.

Maybe you already try to cram stuff under your bed, but it quickly gets lost in the middle? Well opt for a bed with a lift-up frame! This gives you easy access to a whole new storage area.

Coffee Table Storage

Hide items in plain sight and invest in a coffee table which has in-built storage. A perfect way to keep items neat and tidy within stylish furniture. Pretty and practical.

Bay Window Storage

Other useful places around the house include the window area. If you have bay windows, this in-between space can often be left unused due to its unusual shape.

Integrate storage compartments here to get neat hidden storage. It also doubles as a comfy seat to gaze out of the window!


Foot Stool Storage

Need somewhere for your shoe collection?

Use a foot stool or pouf with an interior space and staple cloth round the edges. This will create a neat compartment to keep shoes together and tidy. Now you can put your feet up!

Under Stairs Storage

The stairs are another under-used area that has exciting potential.

Use the inner well of the stairs as a roomy place to keep bulky items. Close the door and no-one will ever know!

With a bit of adaptation, the stair risers can be used as hidden drawers too! (ideal for shoes!)

Bath Storage

Even the bath tub could be an option! If you look underneath the casing, there is usually a fair amount of space to fit additional items.

You can make it look super stylish – these pull-out drawers are really sleek.


Out-of-home Storage

Ok, the most well-hidden place for your personal collection is a storage unit.

Kept off site, but with access whenever you need it, self-storage could be what you need.

Self-storage units are clean, dry and secure spaces for you to use as you require. Perfect for noisy musical instruments, larger pieces of equipment… or just stuff you need to keep secret!

What unusual places do you use to keep your stuff out of sight?

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