How to Maximise Wardrobe Space

How to Maximise Wardrobe Space

Most homes have limited storage space, but do not be discouraged! With a few decorating tips and the right organising products you can turn a small space into a super efficient cupboard.  We’ve put together some expert tips to maximise a small wardrobe space.

1. Clear out the Clothes

The starting point for any newly organised space is to check what you have, and most importantly, what you no longer need.  Do not hang onto clothes that no longer fit, or you know you will never wear again.  Find a new home for them – donate to charity, or use a re-sell site to sell them onto someone else.  Removing the extra items is the first step to create a new efficient space.

2. Think Seasonal

We recommend a seasonal approach to your wardrobe; this means even if you want to keep many items – they do not all need to stay in the wardrobe all year round. Move off-season items from your main wardrobe into another area. This could be stored in empty suitcases under beds – or use a self-storage unit as an extension of your home storage.

Shurgard Self-Storage can help you find a cost-efficient storage space near you.

 3. Choose your hangers

Hangers can be really bulky – taking up more space than you have in the wardrobe.  Invest in thin hangers which will allow you to stow more items on the rail.  The velvet varieties are the best option as they stop clothes slipping off.

You can also try ‘stacking hangers’ which will allow you to hang up multiple items on one hanger.

4. Order in Size

Order your clothing by length – keep shorter items up one end and hang your longer dresses and trousers together at the other side.  This will free up floor space on one end that you can use for additional storage.  Add a box for accessories or install a shoe rack which will keep your shoes in a neat order.

5. Stack high

Most wardrobes have a top shelf you can use, or you may have some space on top of the wardrobe itself.  Use individual storage boxes here to create an extra space for storing additional clothes or other accessories like handbags.

6. Mirror On The Wall

Add a mirror to the inner wardrobe door – a fantastic multi-purpose use of space!

7. Door Storage

On the other door – add hooks as an extra space for storing accessories.  You can hang up belts, ties or bags here.

Alternatively you can add a cork board which can be a fantastic place to organise and display your jewellery.

8. Paint it light

A fresh coat of paint can make a huge difference to your cupboard.  It will spruce it up – making it a cleaner and fresher space that will inspire you to keep it clean going forward.

We recommend to go for a light paint colour as this will give the illusion of a bigger and brighter space.

What are your top tips for maximising the storage space in your wardrobe? Let us know in the comments below.


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