The Best Way to Pack Books and CDs

The Best Way to Pack Books and CDs

‘I Want to Break Free’… and not to break the CD collection! From Adele to Queen, Austen to Zola – a music, book or film collection takes time to build.

Each one representing a moment in time where you read it / saw it / listened to it… Make sure you don’t ruin them when packing everything up for moving or storage.

The packing principles are the same for books, CDs, DVDs etc! So, here’s the best way to pack your collection:

What you’ll need

The only things you’ll need are small moving boxes, tape and newspaper & packing peanuts.

Small moving boxes are ideal for these little, but heavy items. You can buy them at any Shurgard location. Start by securing the bottom of the box with tape. Then layer the bottom with crumpled paper – yesterday’s newspaper will do!

Pack your books, CDs, DVDs in layers – placing more crumpled paper in-between each row for added protection. Ideally pack books in one box, and items like CDs and DVDs in another.

What to do


Pack them in an upright position with the spines against the side of the box.

Avoid placing the books paper side down as this will cause them to sag and bend over time. Fill any gaps with more paper or packing peanuts so everything fits snuggly.

Securely tape the box and mark it with ‘Books’.

DVDs / CDs

Pack everything in their protective cases. If you no longer have the cases, wrap them in plastic or bubble wrap to avoid scratching.

These items should also stand on their edges, don’t lay them flat. Fill all gaps with paper to keep everything secure. Then tape the box securely closed and mark it ‘fragile’, plus the contents.

Always place heaviest items on the bottom, and it is key to not overload the box.

Cramming everything into one box might be the simplest at the packing stage, but it is more likely to damage the item (and your back!) when you move it.

Your book club classics and favourite CDs are now packed and ready to store.

What’s your favourite book, DVD or CD that you want to store? Let us know in the comments below.

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