What a catas-trophy

What a catas-trophy

With the Olympics and Paralympics just around the corner, 2016 is set to deliver a super summer of sport with athletes from every nation going for gold.

Let’s take a look at some of the more weird and wonderful trophies out there.

Rock Lobster

Image source: www.nhms.com

Awarded to the winner of the NASCAR Sprint Cup race, the Rock Lobster trophy starts the race day as a living crustacean. Provided by Makris Lobster and Steak House, the winner is photographed with his lobster before it’s cooked, frozen, packaged and shipped to the winning team. A taxidermist later reassembles the shell, repaints it to look like an uncooked lobster, and mounts it as a trophy to be re-united with the winning driver.

Lump of Rock

Image source: wikipedia.com

Famous for its cobblestones, the 260km Paris-Roubaix cycle race has been (not so) fondly nicknamed Hell of the North. After hours of pushing pedals over those bumpy streets we’d expect a gold cup bigger than a bicycle wheel, but instead the champion is awarded a cobblestone to honour their achievement. Not sure how safe we’d feel mounting it above the telly.

Silver Pear

Image source: ATP World Tour

The winner of the Mexican Open gets the glory of taking home the Guaje Trophy – what looks like a big pear but is in fact a traditional vessel used to carry water. To ensure everyone knows where the tournament has taken place, the winner (of course) wears a sombrero when photographed.

The Perfect Pint


The “Auld Mug” is awarded to the winner of the America’s Cup sailing race. The oldest trophy still awarded in sport, it is traditional for the winning team to drink (a lot) from this seemingly bottomless chalice. In 1983 the US lost the cup, ending a 132-year winning streak – there’s been a lot of tipsy sailors on the high seas over the years…

Cricket Ashes Urn


A mere 11 cm high, this urn was gifted to Lord Darnley, the captain of the English cricket team after a friendly match in Australia. Believe to contain the ashes of a burnt cricket bail.

The Big Cheese


Definitely the tastiest way to celebrate a victory, the winner of the Italian Open (golf) (in addition to cool cash lump sum) is awarded their weight in Grana Padano cheese. What’s the first thing to buy with the winner’s cheque? A big fridge to fit all that cheesy goodness in, of course.

What would you do if you won these trophies? Show them off on the mantelpiece or stash them somewhere else? Have you spotted any ‘less traditional’ trophies they we’ve missed? Share your favourites here (we’re still rooting for the cheese obviously!).

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