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How to insure your stored goods and how insurance protects you

For your own benefit and protection, you’ll need to insure your belongings while storing them with Shurgard.

Below are frequently asked questions about insurance at Shurgard.

To protect yourself and your belongings you always need to take out insurance for your stored items.

You can insure your belongings conveniently and at an affordable price through a customised insurance policy from Marsh, starting at £3.5 a week.

You can take out this insurance when you sign your contract. Our on-site manager will be happy to help and advise you. Read more on how insurance protects your belongings.

Insurance for your belongings stored at Shurgard is compulsory. You can arrange this in two ways:

  • By taking out the special insurance policy created for Shurgard customers.
    This affordable insurance costs as little as £3.5 a week. The majority of Shurgard customers opt for this insurance.
    Read more on how goods insurance your belongings.
  • Through your own contents insurance.
    The possibilities for insuring storage units vary per insurance company.
    PLEASE NOTE: the cover offered by many insurers for property stored externally is for a limited period only. It is therefore advisable to ask your insurance company about the options.

You can insure the belongings stored in your storage unit for as little as £3.5 a week.

The actual cost of your premium depends of course on the insured value of the belongings stored in your storage unit. See insurance prices and coverages.

The special Shurgard insurance policy covers direct damage to or direct loss of property during storage and also during transport at the start and end of the rental period.

The insurance policy insures the contents of your storage unit at the insured amount as mentioned on your insurance certificate. That means that you can claim the insured value of the belongings you are allowed to store in your storage unit, in the unlikely event your storage unit is affected by fire, struck by lightning, incurs water damage, storm damage or theft occurs.

Please take into account that the maximum amount that can be received is the insured amount as mentioned on your insurance certificate, and that this amount will only be paid in full if all policy conditions are met. Therefore, take note of the conditions of your policy. 

Read the full terms and conditions of the policy.

You can take out a customised insurance policy for Shurgard customers when you sign your contract at your storage location. 

Our on-site managers will go through the Terms and Conditions of the insurance policy with you and they can help you in determining the (insurance) value of the goods you want to store.

For more information, call 0800 368 0420.

Read more on how insurance protects your belongings.

If you have any other questions about insurance that are not included here, you can call us for free on 0800 368 0420, or call a Shurgard location near you.